Monday, June 8, 2015

I haven't blogged in years.....this blog hasn't even recorded my second child, the opening of my business etc. but when I thought google had dropped my blog, I sat here and cried....and now I wonder if maybe it isn't worth the time after all to blog...if only for myself. Points to ponder...but for now.....I just need to post activity....for peace of mind in the google world.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time Warp

How has it been 7 months since I have blogged? No wonder I have so much bottled up inside me. Ironically, my stop to blogging coincided with my purchase of a new DSLR and yet I have not shared all the amazing pictures. I will blame it more on the fact that the same month, I recieved the news I would be layed off from my job as they merged with another company and decided to close our facility.
So much has happened since then. I threw myself into classes to update my skills as a marketing and business candidate as well as photography classes. I landed a second job as a Marketing Director for a private photography studio and have been working my butt off at two jobs for a few months just waiting on my severance package as they keep stringing us a long.
I'm coming to the end of my time with my company (October 30th is my last day) and among other issues (that I'm not quite ready to share) we have made the decision to continue my work as a marketing director on a part time basis and pull Matthew from Daycare, so I have to work my schedule out and that is pretty scary to me. I'm a very good scheduled day job person but due to issues with daycare, I'm ready to have my son out of there.
I've been doing a lot of exciting things otherwise though and have even started cooking again (which why that happened during the busiest time in my life just proves I am heading toward insanity).

So if anyone is still out there, reading my now quiet and obscure blog, give me a shout and I will try and post some interesting things for you in the near future :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Angry Toddlers

It's never too young to start them on Angry Birds right (and no I don't really let him play video games at 10 months old)? He throws a horrible fit when he doesn't get to handle electronic devices. He is such his father's son.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few Ways I can help others

I support charity. I was instilled growing up that we should help others. In high school I was a part of the Anchor club. We made an effort to work with senior citizens to bring cheer and recognition to them through delivering bags of goodies and hosting an old fashioned senior’s prom in our gym.

In College, I joined Gamma Sigma Sigma a sorority dedicated to service through various activities such as helping the Humane Society, Kid’s Identification programs etc.

All through my youth, my church Youth Group participated in events such as Prisoner Missions etc.

As an adult, I gave back for several years through Animal Rescue mostly with horse rescue through NCERL and then USERL. In addition, I would donate to worthy causes (sponsoring Marathon runners/walkers, Angel Trees, Toys for Tots campaigns). Every stage of my life, has involved a new way to give back based on what my current priorities and involvements are.

While it is nice to have one cause near and dear to your heart (for me animal rescue will always be a priority) I think its also important to help out any time you get the opportunity. With my current focus on fitness, leading an active life and teaching my son the values of activity and charity, I’ve decided the best thing for me is to participate in 5k’s. Not only does it keep me motivated and moving but it helps out a good cause.

I’ve found that not only do I help myself and charities but I motivate others to get active as well as raise money. What better way to help than to get my friends and family healthy and motivated, promote community and activity, and raise money for beneficial organizations?

What will you do this year?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ruffley Birthday Dreams

My birthday has slipped into obscurity. Seven years ago, my nephew was born the day before my birthday. Since then my birthday with my family has been celebrated with a card and a Happy Birthday while attending a child’s party.

Last year, my son was born the day before my birthday (he share’s a birthday with his cousin now). A balloon and a piece of cake from the Hospital Kitchen were my birthday recognition. My son is the best birthday present I could ever receive but I know the future does not hold any individual acknowledgement for my birthday. Especially this year since my birthday falls on Easter Sunday.

The family will have a traditional Easter Lunch following a Saturday of rushing from one Birthday party to another. Where would there be time to fit in something special for my birthday in a crazy weekend like that? It’s fine. Now that I am getting older, I half don’t want to acknowledge my birthday anyway.

More than anything this year, I just want to FEEL pretty and active for my birthday. That’s not something that can be wrapped and given over a dinner. I would love to be able to don a new Easter dress complete with Ruffles and pearls. Something super frilly and feminine that actually looks good on me.

I would like to have achieved goals and feel successful for my birthday. These are things I can give myself and I am actively pursuing those feelings. I am walking. I have signed up for two 5K’s. I’m eating healthier. One will be the weekend BEFORE my birthday and one TWO weeks AFTER my Birthday.

I hope to have my Nikon before my birthday and be actively taking nature walks and documenting my activity while practicing photography. Maybe, just maybe, I will have toned up and lost enough weight that I can buy a pretty frilly Easter dress to make my birthday wishes come true.

My son the Masseur

Have you ever been in so much pain you can’t think? Every time I yawn, I get a crick in my neck. My back has so many knots that a boy scout troop could earn a maritime merit badge.
Every night I go home and lay in the floor begging my son to use me as a jungle gym which he usually happily obliges. It’s amazing how good twenty pounds of pressure on little hands and knees can feel on knotted muscles. The kneading euphoria is well worth the goldfish crumbs in my hair and the drool running down my face. It may not be a tranquil spa like atmosphere with Enya assaulting my ears but high pitch squeals and giggles, hair tugs and the sound of the evening news are a blissful lullaby in an aching momma’s world. He’s even pretty handy with the vibrating hand massager as he runs it along my back with a “Vroom Vroom.” If only I could train him to enjoy the game for more than three to five minutes…like an hour would be great.
Maybe my son has a future in massage therapy or maybe I’m cruel for using my sons loving exuberance to benefit myself, but really if we can’t manipulate our kids at an early age we have no prayer when they become teenagers. So I will take any little bits of joy (and reimbursement for bodily labor damage) I can get! Ha ha. What do you do with your kids that benefit you more than them?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weigh to Walk

So I have been struggling with losing my weight since going back to work. With the recent addition of new medication to help with PPD, my weight has become stagnant bordering increase. Since I have signed up for my first 5k walk in March, I've become very motivated to walk...and walking I have done. Everyday at work and at the park this weekend.

My friend Beth and I have agreed to meet at area Parks to walk as often as possible and do several 5k's together through the year to keep us motivated. I'm very excited about this new adventure and plan or recording "every step of the way" through pictures and my blog.

This new adventure will not only open endless possibilities of friendship, photography and family time, but also teach my son an active lifestyle and charity. Join me in being active, in being healthy and for the stories of our chosen causes.