Friday, April 1, 2011

Sex- It's whats for dinner

Or at least on the menu. My husband is impatient to share the baby. he's ready to meet his little boy and start being a hands on father. I think he's also ready for me to be more comfortable. My discomfort is wearing on him I think, especially when I can't sleep.
So since 38 weeks, DH has been pulling out all the OWT to get baby moving. (none of which have worked btw). Partly too, because he started his new semester at school and was nervous I'd go into labor while he's in class at night. Our son had other plans.
We had hoped the "super moon" would work its magic. to help it along DH walked me until I couldn't take another step then gave me a message and worked sex into the equation. Rince. Repeat.
The past two weeks have been a merry go round of work, eat, walk for miles, sex. I think we've had as much sex tryign to get this kid here as we did to creat him! Sex while on Clomid and metformin is pretty uncomfortable/painful (for me) but sex while fully pregnant with swelling, pressure, etc? yea, that may take the trophy for pain and discomfort!
But like the US postal service, not rain, snow sleet or hail (or in this case pain, gritted teeth, moans or yells) keeps him from finishing his task. if it weren't for the fact that I know hes about to go on a 6 week sexual hiatus (except for blowjobs and even thats questionable right now) I'd probably wear a chastity belt to keep him away since his efforts are not helping. But how do you deny that fierce determination?
He's already "informed" me that this entire weekend is dedicated to a walking/sex-athon. He thinks for the next few days, there is nothing more important than us going for multiple walks and having repeated sex even though induction is already scheduled he still wants to try and go into labor on our own. ::sigh:: Should be fun right? I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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  1. maybe you need the opposite bubble baths and feet up!! don't wear yourself out to much! When is the induction scheduled for?