Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time Warp

How has it been 7 months since I have blogged? No wonder I have so much bottled up inside me. Ironically, my stop to blogging coincided with my purchase of a new DSLR and yet I have not shared all the amazing pictures. I will blame it more on the fact that the same month, I recieved the news I would be layed off from my job as they merged with another company and decided to close our facility.
So much has happened since then. I threw myself into classes to update my skills as a marketing and business candidate as well as photography classes. I landed a second job as a Marketing Director for a private photography studio and have been working my butt off at two jobs for a few months just waiting on my severance package as they keep stringing us a long.
I'm coming to the end of my time with my company (October 30th is my last day) and among other issues (that I'm not quite ready to share) we have made the decision to continue my work as a marketing director on a part time basis and pull Matthew from Daycare, so I have to work my schedule out and that is pretty scary to me. I'm a very good scheduled day job person but due to issues with daycare, I'm ready to have my son out of there.
I've been doing a lot of exciting things otherwise though and have even started cooking again (which why that happened during the busiest time in my life just proves I am heading toward insanity).

So if anyone is still out there, reading my now quiet and obscure blog, give me a shout and I will try and post some interesting things for you in the near future :)