Our Spawn

HLB= Hurricane Ladybug (A.K.A. Matthew Levi also known as 'The Monster')
BFP- July 20th at 12DPO
Beta 1-7/22 at14 dpo 155 Progesterone 50.2
Beta 2-7/24 at 16 DPO 320 Progesterone 52
Beta 3-7/26 at 18 dpo 614
Beta 4- 7/28at 20 DPO 1252
Ultrasound-Lining has thickened, reduced cysts, fluid in the ute, no sac.
Beta 5-August 2nd at 24dpo 4539
Ultrasound-Round sac with halo and yolk in the uterus. No sign of cysts, reduced fluid.
August 20th-Ultrasound showed healthy baby measuring right on track at 8weeks2 days with heartbeat of 162bpm.
September 13th-Ultrasound showed active healthy baby measuring 11weeks5days with heartbeat of 152bpm.
October 12th-Found Heartbeat with Dopplar 149bpm. Felt the first kick on the 11th.
EDD-May 30, 2011
April 7th 2011- Matthew Levi born at 3:32am via c-section after 72 hours of induced labor. 7lbs, 3 oz. 20 inches long.

Baby Bumblebee- Forever in my Heart
August 30th-BFP
September 1st-Beta Draw 1: 149
September 3rd-Beta Draw 2: 427!
Septermber 21st- 1st Dr's Appt/U/S-Heartbeat confirmed
October 19th-No Heartbeat.
October 26th-MISO Pills
October 27th-D&C

Baby #2: Chemical Pregnancy
February 19th-Positive
February 22nd- Early miscarriage