Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Opinions Please

I'm a plus size woman (in case ya'll hadn't figured that out). I've found some cute maternity clothes at Motherhood and JcPenny. (Surprise surprise-I thought I would be shit out of luck). Motherhood is having a sale and they have some adorable shirts ranging from 9.99-19.99.
My delimma's: I can sew. I can make these shirts for the same price or a lot less.

I'm not anywhere CLOSE to needing maternity clothes but I'm wondering if I wait if there will be anything decent on sale. I don't want to put a lot of money in maternity clothes.

I'm still crap out of luck on pants because they all have a 31 inch inseam. I'm 6' tall. I need a 33-34 inch inseam for it to hang right. Bastards.

Thoughts/advice on purchasing maternity clothes, now/later etc?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Early Nesting?

Supposedly nesting does not kick in until 3rd tri. My husband swears this is not true. I've always been a bit of a domesticity queen but he claims my nesting has already taken over. Bless his heart, he has been wonderful about it though. This weekend, not only did he help me clean up before company came over but he was at my side when I faced the Master Closet Monster.

For those of you who do not know, my master closet has not had a light in it since we moved in. My darling husband has torn out the fixture and about a year or two later bought the new one but it still has not been installed. So the closet becomes a black pit of death for old shoes and clothes and dust bunnies. They all convalesce happily. Until This weekend. Extension cords and the bedside lamp and a broom were my weapons of choice and we conquered the enemy.

One mountain of clothes, a garbage bag of shoes and various other things in a giant yardsale pile later, my closet is clean! I'm no longer afraid to enter it in the dark. I still, some how, have too many clothes that I don't wear but it does have a semblance of organization and purpose now.

I no longer fear going to pee in the middle of the night and being sucked into the closet by forces of hell. Being sufocated by last seasons jacket is not my ideal way to go.

::rubs hands together eyeing the office closet::

Saturday, September 26, 2009

OWT- Pin Trick

Old Wives Tale Gender Prediction:Which is basically Pagan Dousing Ritual without any fanfare.

As performed by Sarah:
Pin Trick Over the Belly: Boy
Pin Trick Over the Wrist: Boy

We'll let my mom try this afternoon (once she finds out the news, *hyperventilates*). In 40 years, she has never been wrong with a pin trick. ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weeds-0, Baby Mama-1

I left for work this morning to the most glorious sound in the world. A weedeater in my yard. That's right. I broke down and hired myself a yardboy. Ahhh...the wonderful feeling of no more stress over my cracked out jungle (I mean yard). To the tune of 100.00 for weedeating (which is a deal since I have 2 acres that need doing) it is worth every penny knowing I'll go home to a clean yard. Plus I feel good about hiring this guy as he is a good friend of my neighbor's, I've met him several times and am comfortable leaving him at my home alone, AND he just got laid off from his day job so I know he can use the money. I feel GREAT about it.

It's an extra stress relief especially since yesterday and today have been nothing but constipation poops and throwing up. I went to bed with stomach pains and upchucking and woke up first thing this morning to the same thing. My toilet and I are getting very friendly. I even made an extra effort to scrub it last night since I'm spending more time with my face in it then my butt. Ahhhh the joys of pregnancy.

I'm trying to appreciate ALL of this because its all part of bringing my sweet little demon into the world. I've decided that does not mean I have to keep quiet about it. I'll just try not to complain about it too much. I appreciate what my body is having to go through and all the changes it is making. My body is performing a miracle in which it was designed for but in which it has not done in 31 years. This is a LOT of work and change. So I can deal with the crud parts. I appreciate EVERY DAY that I'm living and breathing, loving my husband, and baking a baby. Neither weeds nor rain, nor pending Family Reunions will dampen my life right now. I shall prevail, me and my baby nestled in my ute and along for the ride.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Houston, We have Heartbeat

Yesterday was an amazing day. Even though the ultrasound picture shows nothing but a blob hugging the top of my ute, I will try and scan it in for show and tell sometime this week. We have a HEARTBEAT. I very strong pulse of light with good sound. It melted me. I even managed to get a peak at DH smiling at the monitor.

I'm measuring behind at only 6 weeks/ 6 days (today is 7 weeks) but the Dr. was not concerned as my chart showed a late ovulation on day 21. So my new Due Date is May 11th (which is even later than I had figured). Oh well. I HAVE A BABY in there! I don't care!

They did this long questionaire and consultation and gave my so many books and phamplets and free trials of prescription Prenatals etc. It was very overwhelming.

After the two hour marathon Dr.'s appt, DH and I went by Babies R Us and picked out a crib and cards for the grandparents. He picked out a pack and play (he's so funny) and it was all I could do to drag him out before he bought some onesies our child would not be able to use until next fall. I had to tell him I'm pretty sure they will have them again for next Halloween. We do not need to buy our unborn child a halloween costume THIS year and pray he/she is still wearing 6-9 month clothes at that point.

After lunch at Chili's, I took a nap while he studied. Then i had a burst of energy and cleaned our bedroom, did laundry etc. At the end of the day, I was worn out, my feet hurt but I felt extremely happy and accomplished. I had successfully cleaned, spent time with my husband and grown a baby complete with heartbeat.

Life is Good.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

TGIF or Not

It's finally friday. The last work day before my First U/S. I should be extremely pumped. Except its a 15 hour work day. That's right. After I get off work I have to go straight to my other job showing houses. Granted this doesn't happen often but this is the first time in 1st tri and I'm so tired.

Hopefully we will fly through it tonight and everything will be fine. It's a rainy dreary day. I'm going to stop by starbucks and pick up a hot chocolate for the ride.

When I get home I will snuggle up with DH, watch some TV and sleep. Tomorrow is a busy day. I have to go to the farmer's market in the A.M. and go get a pink streak put in my hair at 12 for the Pink Hair for Hope campaign. Then clean off the deck in between rain showers and plant my fall mums. Plus pull the tomato and green bean stakes out of the garden.

Sunday is a day of rest and house cleaning. Then finally: MONDAY AND seeing BABY BEE DAY!! I'm so stoked about that. It's what is getting me through right now.

Note of the day: Do not wear long baby doll shirts with satin ribbon on an empire waist line that accentuate your bloated belly. I swear I look like I'm 6 months pregnant today. Not the best way to hide it from your employers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MS I welcome you, I think.

I've been having a few queasy moments in the past few days, including One dizzy spell yesterday. This morning over my morning 1/2 cup of coffee, it hit me. Nausea. I couldn't stomach one more sip of much needed coffee.

I treated myself to a McD's gravy biscuit and chocolate milk for breakfast. That has been threatening to come back up at random moments. My water is gagging me today and I had another dizzy spell in the bathroom.

Can someone please get me out of work and let me go home and sleep? It's a dreary rainy day and would be PERFECT to cuddle in my bed and sleep the day away.

After my fall Saturday night and my crazy dream last night that included me waking up in a panic and checking for blood, I'm glad to have some typical pregnancy symptoms. It lessons the worry that has been building since Saturday. I'm not sure if its because the Ultrasound is around the corner or what, but this bit of panic has set in that there won't be anything there. So in a way, the nausea is a welcome addition to my day. Sad but true.

I am probably not helping myself out any. I've had this undeniable urge to be my normal domestic diva self. The past few days I've been working through most of my exhaustion and ironing, doing laundry, dishes, cooking etc. I made Chicken Pot Pie from Scratch last night. Spaghetti from scratch the night before. Tonight, DH has class, so after ironing one of his uniforms for him, and washing the dogs and vaccuuming I think I'll pop in a Stoffer's frozen dinner and relax in front of the TV. ONE MORE DAY of work and then I can rest and spend some time at home. I was supposed to work on the yard but it is supposed to rain all weekend. I'll be lucky if I get my mum's planted in my porch barrels. Oh well. Movie marathon commences on Saturday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Body Functions and other Pregnancy Stuff

As we all know, I have no filters so here's a post for you full of body functions and foolishness.

My lower abdomen is so bloated and FULL Feeling that I think I may start leaking and that would be a blessed relief. I feel like I have to pee all the time but there is no relief when I do. WHAT THE HECK? This morning after a very satisfying poo, I had some relief but the pressure has built back through the day.

It doesn't hurt, its slightly annoying, and a bit uncomfortable but that's it. There is low back pain accompanying it.

That whole pregnancy glow thing? YEA CRAP! I'm still feeling completely unattactive, huge and frumpy. My makeup isn't staying on, my zits have taken over my face, my stomach is hanging out past my boobs and my hairy is a frizzy mess.

I'm so glad my husband loves me no matter what and finds humor in all my shortcomings and personality flaws. I don't mind looking this way for baby but I want to be a glowing pretty mom and no matter how I dress, or how much makeup I put on, I catch a glimpse in the mirror an hour later and I just look worn out, fat and old.

Despite my complete and utter joy in Baby B, I do have a bit of vanity left that is kickin me in my Southern Butt for looking like Trailer Trash every day. Please tell me this is a phase and Second tri brings Glowing Energy and renewed confidence.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's talk Baby Bumps

Not the cute belly bumps that are all the rage. I'm talking full on ACNE in wierd places. I've never been one for a lot of acne. I've had my share of monthly breakouts where I get an annoying bump or two on my chin or forehead but that's about it.

Pregnancy however, has blistered my face, legs, back and ass with bumps. Some large like Mt. Everest, some in clusters like Mount Rushmore, and some in small ranges like the foothills of North Carolina. No matter their size, they still make their presence known whether it is glaring through my inadequate foundation makeup or rubbing against my bra strap. I know they are there all day long and that I look like a frumpy gross 13 yo boy.

Ah, angel baby my love, I'm so glad you came down from heaven to nest in my ute. I will gladly take the artistic arrangement of pimples across my body for you. It is a small price to pay. Fortunately your daddy is very understanding and has shown no signs of being unattracted by them. Bless you for keeping my stomach/regurgitation tendencies mostly in tack, the pimples are a small price to pay, but you can't blame me for complaining just a bit (or naming the more annoying ones).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Fell Last Night

You know, if I hadn't been pregnant, it probably would have been slightly funny. How can you not laugh when you are laying on top of the shower curtain with your feet in the air, water going everywhere, buttass naked with suds all over you when your husband walks in? Oh yea, because you are too worried about your baby you fought so hard for that nothing is funny.

I don't know how it happened. I slipped in the shower. It happened so fast. I just remember twisting so I wouldn't fall on my stomach. In turn, my back ended up bending over the toilet, my shoulder slammed into the sink cabinet, the backs of my legs slammed onto the side of the tub and I landed in a heap on the floor with the curtain rod javeling down on top of me. It was AWFUL.

I can barely move. I'm black and blue and so sore. It feels like I've been in a car wreck with a semi. Last night I was really scared. DH was scared and worried. I had some sharp pains in my left side but no blood. (THANK YOU RACHEL for calming me down) Everything seems fine this morning except for all the bruises and the fact that I can hardly move my right arm. I'm a mess!

I do know, it was very scary and I can't imagine going through something like that once I start showing. I'm seriously thinking about installing those tacky slip gripper stickers in my shower just to be on the safe side. I never want to feel like that again.

I'm also strongly leaning towards Grace as a middle name for a girl to counteract this klutziness. Maybe Gracen for a boy. (okay..that might be a bit of a stretch).

*Edit: It's amazing what happens to a scared father. He is now fixing our deck steps that I've been asking him to fix for months without me saying a word today. I think he's decided he has to be ahead of the game to protect his child since his wife is such a klutz. I give him total props though. He fetched me drinks, food, heating pads, and gave me a nice backrub today. Been very attentive checking my bruises and swellings. He's so sweet.

PS. Steph, THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME CARD! It is so going in the baby book!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

1st Baby Purchase

Did you know I am obsessed with Halloween? I'm pretty sure EVERYONE knows that. So it will be no surprise to any of you that my first baby purchase had to do with Halloween (and Dachshunds). I'm so predictable right?

I was walking through Borders last night and this book practically jumped off the table at me. I didn't have the heart to put it back. So here is baby's first item. (Atleast its a book right?)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Taps Foot Impatiently

We all know that patience is not my strong point. I won't lie. However, the insanely slow pace of this week and knowing I have an entire week next week to wait before this much anticipated ultrasound gets here is going to be excruciating.

You would think, I would be very relaxed since I'm finally pregnant and I waited so long to get here. But NO. Now its the NEXT thing I'm waiting for. I'm always effin WAITING on SOMETHING to get here. Its the nature of the beast.

I feel very strongly that everything is going swimmingly in my ute. Despite the problems getting here and witnessing some very sad Miscarriages of late, I do not really have a lot of doubt and fear. My prengnancy symptoms are relatively minor but even that does not up the worry for me. I'm very comfortable being pregnant. Although I will admit to the selfish thoughts of "OMG my stomach is already so bloated I feel like I've gained 20 lbs, why oh why are you doing this to me my child?" Whatevs. I don't care. I know I just look fatter than I already am and I will deal with that until I finally look pregnant instead of just like the broadside of a barn.

So, I'm trying to relax and wait patiently to see my baby. DH has taken off the entire day on the 21st for this appt. A bit excessive. It's not going to take that long but okay. I'm also meeting Sarah at Borders tonight to browse the pregnancy books and chat over hot chocolate.

Tomorrow, we get to have lunch with another BFF and her husband (who we haven't seen in almost three years as he's been in Dubais on contract) and new baby. SQUEE. So lots of activities. I have done a little browsing online for baby things but haven't quite gotten there yet. DH and I have agreed that we will make a big push on shopping and the nursery over Christmas break as we both get a few days off and will know what we are having (hopefully) by then.

So for now, its just me and my bloated bottom stomach roll hanging out and chillin. I know there's a baby squished in there somewhere so I'll just relax and eat my chef salad (complete with Deli Ham chuncks, I'm so horrid *rolls eyes*) and tap my foot impatiently for the time to move at a normal pace.

::Kicks clock::

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Cravings

I think I may have finally hit on a real craving. Hamburgers. I wanted a hamburger this past weekend, DH went to Hardees. I still want one today, so I stopped by and got the stuff to make them tonight. I've always been a Hamburger girl, not typical fast food burgers but big thicky homemade grilled burgers. Apparently my child will be too. In my family, you always get to pick what you want for your birthday dinner. Probably without fail, I always wanted burgers off the grill. I'm an April baby. My child will be too. He/She is already taking after Momma!

I won't die without one but I keep thinking about it. Thick burger, with melted cheese, tons of pickle chips and some onion. YUMMY. So much for my healthy salad I was planning. My pants were feeling a little tight today and I'm bloated so I really don't need the burger but I'm having it anyway. Not because "I'm pregnant so I can." I don't need lame bullshit lines. My fat ass wants a hamburger, not baby, not my pregnant body. ME. I want a damn hamburger and I shall eat one. There I said it.

Facebook and MySpace

A few of you are on my facebook and myspace accounts. Just a quick reminder, please do not refer to my pregnancy on there yet. We are not ready to come out to our families and my co-workers yet and there are a few of them on there.


Monday, September 7, 2009

DH Rocks

Okay, so he didn't fix the steps like I asked him to. He did however take out the trash, empty the litterbox and is going to Hardees to pick up dinner. YAY! He also went to the grocery store with me, hauled in ALL the groceries and shopped for baby things online for an hour.

We had a lot of fun looking at some of the really cute baby things and surprisingly we actually agree on a lot of things. RELIEF. For doing all that and letting me sleep all weekend and tip toeing around to be quiet so I could, I will forgive him the steps. (which would have been loud with the saw running right outside the door from the sofa I was passed out on.)

I feel like a complete and utter sloth but I'm going to forgive myself that as well since I did get the floors done in the main part of the house and five loads of laundry on top of this crazy exhaustion and headache that will NOT go away. Tylenol sucks. I definately miss my Excedrin.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I am wasting the entire weekend. This is what it has consisted of:

5:30pm: get home from work and play on computer
8:30pm: Fall asleep watching movie
9:30pm: Go to Bed

6:30am Take Dogs out
8:30am Farmer's Market
9:30am Snooze on Sofa
11:30am Take shower and meet Sarah
6:30pm Come home and snooze on sofa
8:30pm Go pick up movies and food with DH
9:30 pm Snooze on sofa while watching movie
11:00pm go to bed

6:30am Take Dogs out
7:00am Start Laundry
7:30am Watch TV
8:30 snooze on Sofa
9:30am Clean kitchen
10:30am Snooze on Sofa
11:30 am Cook food
12:30 mop kitchen floor
1pm: snooze on sofa for an hour.

COME ON. I can't go 2 hours with out sleeping??? JEESH

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Babies R Us-Trip 1

So I met Sarah out for lunch today and for fun, we took a browse through Babies R Us. My first trip in that story as a pregnant woman. I refrained from buying anything even though I was strongly attracted to the clearance little boy clothes with the cute skulls on them. DH would have loved them.

I also found a fabulous bath set that I love. Other than that, everything was just so darn overwhelming. I've never been a neutral person. It's blue or pink. I despise yellow baby clothes. Strangely EVERYTHING I liked was green and brown though. Completely neutral. I ofcourse loved the little girl clothes. How can you not? but everything else I went for was straight up boy stuff.

None of it means a darn thing, but I found the experience interesting and overwhelming.

I came home to a ticked off DH chasing horses again. The hauling of them to my Dad's was changed to tomorrow. He is very ready for them to go at this point. He also had cleaned the birds cage and moved it out of what will be the nursery into the dining room. We now have ONE very pissed off bird (he was allowed to fly around the entire bedroom versus being stuck in his cage) being stalked by a very interested cat who has not moved from the floor beneath the cage. (The cage is hanging from the ceiling in the corner). It did give me a little flutter to realize that one week in, and he's already cleaning out the nursery. AWW.

Sweetest Moment this week: DH came to bed last night after I was asleep. He didn't know he woke me up. He cuddled up against me and laid his hand and gently rubbed over my lower tummy as if he was saying good night/soothing the baby that is growing in there. I smiled in the dark.

Friday, September 4, 2009

BETA Draw #2

I got the results for my second Beta Draw. The first one was 48 hours before (exactly) at 149. The second was.......427!It pretty much TRIPLED in 48 hours.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


I can not begin to tell you how blessed I have felt lately. Not just because I have a baby on the way. That is a HUGE part of it. I have been blessed with some very good friends recently. New girls in my life who have spread so much joy and happiness and are so happy for me both IRL and online.

My girls on BOTB and my local board are unbelievable. Even the ones I do not know so well. They have brought me to tears (and I don't THINK that is the pregnancy hormones)at their rejoicing in my being pregnant. The number of blog posts alone congratulating me completely amazed me and warmed my heart.

I am blessed because this child of mine is already so loved and anticipated. Everyday brings new and wonderous blessings and love my way.

My temperature has started rising which just gives me reassurance. I'm trying NOT to temp but breaking the habit after a year is a bit hard. I did it this morning without thinking about it. It's just HABIT. I'm glad I did though. I saw that temp going up and it truly was reassurance. Not as if I needed any but now that the back pain is going away and I'm not as crampy, it was a nice lift to the spirits.

This pregnancy is definately going to be a continued lesson in patience for me. I'm anticipating the next thing already. The telling to the family, the sonogram etc. It's only three weeks away and will fly by but I can feel that anticipation building in me!

Lesson of the week: Keep plastic bags or something in the car for those moments like this morning when you are traveling down I-40 at 74mph and suddenly have the urge to puke everywhere with no exit in site.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beta Draw

Numbers are in: 149 which is great!

My next draw to see if they doubled is tomorrow at 8:30am.

I was totally fine with my Betas. I did this mostly to verify I was pregnant. I wasn't worried about the doubling. Then the nurse says "to make sure its viable." now I'm scared. Damn it.

It IS VIABLE. I'm pregnant. I can feel it. Baby B is snuggly warm in there.

My Horses are Leaving

That whole puking thing? Yea. Not so much fun. Our horses got out AGAIN. We were out till 10pm chasing them and fixing fences. While I was helping DH, I was throwing up the entire time. Lovely burning acid bile and chuncks. It was AWFUL.

I was trying to be helpful but its really hard to do much when your head is between your knees and your puking all over the ground. It really hit home for DH last night. With him going back to school and working and me being pregnant that we can't keep doing this, not even short time. So we called my DAD and told him to come get the horses. He has 55 acres and is surrounded by farms and mountains not small acreage and main roads. So until we can find homes for them, they will be safer there. So my horses leave this weekend. It's very sad but its the best thing right now. Our one horse has learned that if he puts his head under his mane is so thick that he can't feel the electrical current as much and he can push until a pole snaps or a wire breaks and be free. We've spent 400.00 upgrading the wiring but to no avail. We have the highest shock box there is...doesn't help. The only thing that will keep him in at this point is wood fencing and only half of our pasture is wood. We can not afford to do the rest of it that way at this time. (It would be about 5000.00). So they are going to my Dad's temporarily. We had already made the decision to find them homes when he decided to go back to school. It wouldn't be fair to them to just feed them and not pay them attention or stimulate them in anyway for the next four years while we were busy with school and jobs. On the short term though fence issues etc would fall to me. Now with pregnancy and puking, it may be a bit much for me compound that by Houdini's escape behavior of the past week and some not too understanding neighbors, this unfortunately is the best thing for all parties. I hate it..I truly do but I have to do what is best for them first and foremost. I believe I'm a good pet owner, but at the moment, I'm not the best thing for them. (that really hurt to admit too).

I actually lost track of how many times I puked last night. I did manage to keep a small portion of spaghetti and chocolate milk down at about 11pm. I am STARVING today. My coworker/gal pal is bringing me McDonalds Gravy Biscuit and Tea. YUMMO. I can't wait!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spawn-2, Mommy-0

Beta draw- Stuck me three times, blew a vein before blood was taken. Point 1

First throwing up incident: 6:54pm, September 1st, 2009. Point 2

Strange sharp stabbing pains on right side (feels like cyst rupture or ovulation pain) all day but no blood. Highly uncomfortable. No points.

Exhaustion times 10 all day including a nap on the picnic tables in the sun at work- No points.

Truly feeling pregnant: Priceless.

While I do not relish the puking chuncks, I secretly love the fact that it is typical pregnancy symptoms which lets me know Baby B is in there.

DH is loving it too. Probably loving it MORE than me since he doesn't actually have to feel any of it.

The amount of painful and uncomfortable symptoms that come and go randomly are a bit unnerving though. I'm sorry if all these litte thoughts are boring but this is complete new ground for me and amazing at the same time. I can't help but write it all down.


For the past week I've been slowly stretching upward anytime I get up because of the back pain (which I previously contributed to my project at work but my Dr. said (over the phone) was typical of early pregnancy..yea okay).

As I get up last night and walk with my hand on my back toward the kitchen this is the conversation that takes place. (DH KNOWS how bad my back has been hurting).

DH: Are you okay? What's wrong?

ME: I'm carrying your kid in my ASS and low back apparently.

DH: Are you sure its mine? You never let me stick in THERE. (innocent expression)

ME: (glare) You aren't funny.

DH: (busts out laughing) Your momma doesn't think I'm funny (said in general direction of my stomach and to the dogs. )