Wednesday, November 30, 2011


okay, wordpress isn't quite outerspace but I did visit for three months. It never felt like home and as much as I was ticked off with Blogger, I finally came home. With the help of my awesome friend Beth, we changed up my old blog here, gave it a new name, fresh new address, and combined my cooking blog with this one.

It's fresh and new and encompasses truly all that I have been and all that I have become. There are more tweaks to come. I have to recategorize some things so they fit into the nice new pages we have created. I need to move some posts from wordpress over but it was being a jerk tonight and not cooperating so here I am, fresh, new and excited to be back home on Blogger.

I have survived for four years in the blogging world and through the changes, I may have taken breaks but I haven't given up!

Hello my friends. I'm so glad to be home! I hope you like the NEW blog, the new look and more importantly my new ideas and direction. Please feel free to contact me or comment. I love to hear from you!

Picture: Courtesy of Sears Portrait Studio; copyright owned by me.

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