Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm getting the hang of it

Being a mom that is. The first week was really hard. My baby was amazing but it was hard to move after the csection so I had a hard time doing things. Last week I was feeling better and overdid a few days because the difference in how i felt was tremendous.

This week, I'm starting to feel normal instead of just better. I still spend the majority of the time in the recliner cuddling my baby, changing diapers, feeding, etc. but I've learned to sneak in dishes, laundry, cooking dinner, etc. in there as well. We have even started more of a routine at bedtime.

You use what works: PnP, swing, bouncy chair, even infant carrier so you can get something done. I've stopped sleeping in the recliner but I'm still sleeping with Matthew. Yep, I'm that mom. I did what I said I wouldn't do...I put the baby in the bed with me. We start out in the Master bedroom and when he wakes up for his first diaper change and feeding, we head to his room where I have a daybed. We sleep in that the rest of the night so we don't disturb DH through feedings and changes etc. I'm hoping that over the next few weeks I will be able to transition him to his crib. (He's a restless sleeper and makes noises and moves a lot so I'm constantly checking on him if he's not sleeping WITH me).

I can't promise I will begin blogging soon. I want to but you would probably get bored really fast by the minute details of my son. As I develop routines and figure out this whole motherhood thing though, I will have more to say, more adventures to relate, and new things about this precious boy to enamor you with.

My new mom advice?
Just do what you feel you have to in the beginning no matter what your long term goals are (I.E. sleeping in the bed with you).

Disposable Diapers-even for you diehard cloth diaperers. i recommend disposables for the first week or two especially if you have a c-section. The crazy amount of diapers he went through and as hard as it was for me to do anything, I can't imagine keeping up with laundry for dirty diapers.

Bottled Water and Snacks- keep them spread out through the house so that if you are in a recliner feeding the baby you have water and food right there. When you are trying to produce milk it doesn't help things if you never eat. There were days I didn't eat at all just because I didn't think about it I was so consumed with the baby.

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