Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My husband and I are busy people. We have a lot of work that is involved in taking care of three spoiled horses, six demanding cats, and one prima donna dog. Last year, we decided to garden, and had great luck with some tutelage from my mom and dad. We are expanding this year and hope to have an even wider range of foods and growing seasons. The picture here is of our summer garden: my pretty tomatoe plants in late May.
I love to preserve the foods to have healthy homegrown vegetables through out the year. I also, love to cook and my husband loves to eat. I was inspired by the girls on thenest.com to start my own blog. Having tried some of their recipes, I'm very impressed with the amazing things that can be done with dishes and inspired to stay out of the cooking rut that I tend to get into. I thought my own blog, with recipes I've tried, some of my old favorites, and some of my new creations would keep me inspired and hopefully inspire others as well.

If one of your recipes is posted here, and you would like credit, please let me know, I will be happy to give you credit if I have forgotten to do so. Many times, I surf around and jot down recipes and forget where I got them from. So please excuse the oversight!! Lots of love to my fellow nesties and happy cooking and gardening to all!!

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