Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I feel the Earth Move..Under my feet

The sky comes tumbling down....tumbling down.

This song has so much meaning for us East coasters this week. As many things as I have to blog about, it had to be said today: (and I'm pretty sure everyone's sick of hearing about it by now but I'm a little "shook" up:P )

WE HAD A MOTHER EFFING EARTHQUAKE! In North Carolina! WTF? the last one to be felt (and it was milder than this one was in 1972...before I was born and was not felt nearly as widely as todays). there was a small isolated tremor very localized in Greensboro in 2006 but so few people felt it I think it was more the scientists imaginations).

I work near a local college that was evacuated today for a bomb threat. As we sat in our desks and everything started shaking and rattling, several people jumped up with an "OH SHIT, the college blew up" but as the rolling continued we were actually more freaked out that it was an earthquake instead of a bomb. It's the South...fire arms and bombs we understand...Earthquakes...not so much. (twisted I know.)

To top it off, Hurricane Irene is headed our way....earth moving, sky tumbling down?




  1. It's going to be a crazy week, that's for sure!

    I was in an earthquake back in Atlanta when I was in high school, but this one was the first one where I KNEW it was an earthquake at the time. And, honestly, I was more pissed that it might wake the baby than I was alarmed for some reason =P

  2. I hope you guys didn't have any damage. Those things are old news in my neck of the woods, but they're still no fun! Fingers crossed you miss Irene's 'excitement'!