Thursday, August 11, 2011

And Don't Call Me Shirley

or Matthew. I spent months agonizing over the perfect name for my child, arguing the merits and flow of combinations with my husband. As beautiful as the name is, we call him everything but.

Monster is the most prevalent and courtesy of his father (in utero making it the oldest used nickname and probably the "official" nickname.)

Pee-turkey (something random I spewed that has stuck)
Suger boog (a southerN thing as my aunt calls him this too)
Punkin (My sister tends to use this one as well)

Monkeybutt (especially in his outfit with the monkey face patch on the bottom)
Squirmy pants
Slobber box

And I'm sure a myriad of other names that pop out of my mouth randomly...but never Matthew.

I'm pretty sure he's going to think his name is Monster, but I would have been majorly sideeyed had I put that on his birth certificate!

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  1. Too cute! I can't believe how big he is getting.