Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nursery Update and Babyshower

Today is beautiful! I'm so excited I can't stand myself and yet there is so much to do!

Last night we stayed up till 2am working on the nursery. The crib is in place, bedding washed and made up, the mobile is on. The Daybed is up and has fresh sheets ( I need to find some bedding that will coordinate with the room though). We have an antique dresser in there until we buy His matching dresser (which may be a few months), the bouncer we bought is put together and on the floor by the bed. The few items of clothes, books and diapers we have been given or purchased are in the drawers. The curtain rods are up and curtains hung but we need one more panel. As soon as he finishes touching up a few spots and gets the paint mess out of the floor, I'll update with some pictures!

It's not anywhere close to being done as we need to get some shelves and artwork on the walls, polish the floor (putty dust is in the cracks of the hardwood), and take off the closet door and paint the closet and put in some organizers BUT we have a room that you can walk in and places to put things now! I'm so thrilled. Truth be told I wanted to sleep in there last night just to wallow in the accomplishment, but I didn't since I had to reward my husband for all his hard work. *brownchickenbrowncow*LOL

My babyshower is today and I'm so excited. I know my sister, BFF and Great Aunt's Family have worked very hard on it and its going to be beautiful. The day could not be more perfect. Crisp and frosty this morning with bright blue skies and sunny. Highs in the mid 50's. Excellent weather. I'm almost finished with the Hostess gifts. I have a batch of Pumpkin Cream cheese bread to make to put in the basket but that's it. I'm going to start on that momentarily.

I have one whiney admittance here: The one thing I stressed over so much was the registry. Everyone encouraged me to register at two places and I got so stressed out trying to do them. I checked my registry this morning. My mom had told me that when she checked it there seemed to be a lot of stuff unavailable or discontinued so that's been worrying me. There is only one item unavailable but what I did notice is that no one used either one. The shower is in 4 hours and only three things have been purchased off the two.

I'm sure I'll get fabulous gifts and this baby is going to be welcomed with a barrage of love but I'm a little dissappointed that people want you to register but then disregard them completely. Especially since I put so many hours, tears and stress into them. I know that probably sounds super petty when I should just be grateful, and don't get me wrong, i am grateful but I won't lie about being disappointed. It probably stems from how stressed I was surrounding those stupid things. I feel like it was all for nothing. Vent over.

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  1. I found that I got stuff from my registry but people didn't let the cashier know so I got duplicates of things and still showed up as not purchased. Also, Target doesn't update it live, takes a day and a half to show up! So stop stalking and just enjoy your shower! Wish I could be there!!!