Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poop Vs. Sex- A comparison

Never in a million years did I think I would come to appreciate a bowel movement more than sex. (and if that opening line does not grab your attention you might as well hang up reading pregnancy blogs forever.) If you had even suggested I would compare the two, I would have looked at you like you're crazy. These random comparison thoughts are what the late term pregnancy brain is reduced to though.

I've always enjoyed sex. Probably a little more than the average female. this may have something to do with PCOS and having a higher amount of testosterone than most women. Even through pregnancy our sex life has not diminished. (I can feel the horrified glares of seething women as I type this.) I have high hopes that it will resume even during the early onslaught of infant exhaustion (after Dr.'s clearance of course). Pipe dream? Maybe.

Having a regular and active sex life though does result in new breakthroughs grabbing more of the attention. So I really shouldn't be surprised that the pregnancy constipation that has developed in the 3rd trimester to a consistent level takes center stage.

When you have that much pressure and discomfort building for days and then this struggling major release that leaves you weak, exhausted and relaxed, well how do you not compare it to sex? Especially when you have sex more often than a bowel movement?

You think I'm joking but its a sad truth about pregnancy's affect on your intestines. Or else a testament to the exceptionalism of my sex life. Either way, something in my nether region's probably deserves a medal of honor.

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