Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian

that does not mean run out in the street demanding a change in governmental power(though right now that's not a half bad idea) or go burn down a church. The title is simply a statement on the lovely ways our bodies noticeably change our walking during pregnancy.
I have stooped clutching my back at various times like an old person with a cane who should be brandishing it with relish while shouting "hey you kids, get off my lawn!"
My current walking pattern mimics more closely a penguin waddle. Except I don't hold my head aloof with my sleek black and white coat glistening though my hair does resemble a fuzzy topknot most days. No, my waddle is not regal, but slow and painful and frumpy.

The discomfort in late pregnancy (that induces the waddle) is not from sheer girth I have found out. The size I can handle and function rather normally (minus shaving the ladybits & home pedicures). It's the agonizing gravitational pressure and pelvic/pubic pain that is making life difficult.
In all the pregnant people I've known, I odn't remember them talking about the pain just the pressure. The pressure I can deal with but the stabbing sharp pain with every left foot forward step is excruciating. It is making my life at work miserable as I have a roughly 1/4 mile walk just from the parking lot to my office.
I dread coming to work on a daily basis now but do not have enough vacation time to take off without cutting into FMLA so I have to stick it out 2 more weeks. I'm actually seeing why some people want their babies to come a tad early (one or two weeks only not the crazycakes who want to give birth at less than 37 weeks.
Flame if you must, but as i am 37 weeks today, I think I might actually have to "squee" (the excited kind) if I went into labor in the next week. Although I would appreciate it if he holds out until after the maternity shoot this weekend and my last trip to BRU on payday. If he needs to bake longer, I'm okay witht hat to, I just can't promise not to be a little ornery from time to time.
Maybe this is nature's way of getting us over our fears and nerves about labor and becoming a new parent: make us extremely uncomfortable & physically miserable, emotionally worn down so we don't care about the pain and potential negatives and fear. We just want to meet this little evil mastermind that has been systematically thumping our insides monotonously like interior chinese water torture untilwe go insane.
While I love every second and will miss him being safe and secure in there, I'm definitely gearing up to really wanting to meet my baby (and yea get my body back.)


  1. i think that until you are really pregnant you just cant understand how uncomfortable it really is. Having Owen at 39 weeks was wonderful and I cant imagine going another 1-3 weeks!!!! Cant wait for you to have your boy too!!! have i said that yet? We have a little something for him!

  2. When I was pregnant with Madelyn, my husband always called me Penguin, he said I waddled! I understand your pain! I was a week and two days late and I hope you don't have the same fate! Can't wait to see pictures!!!