Monday, June 27, 2011


The coffee is brewing. The morning news is on and my baby is eating breakfast. Today I go back to work.

Last week I got off track with the diet. I didnt count points. I ate too much fast food but i want to say my milk supply seemed better so I went with it. This weekend I just enjoyed my son and anniversary cake. Lots of cake. oops And it showed on the scale. I gained a pound. But I know what I did and I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Just get back on track and keep on trucking.

But today as I start life as a working mom Ive packed up whole wheat bagels and fruit and water to take to work. Ive noticed the easiest things to take that are healthy are carb foods. Sammies, bagels, etc. To be lower carb for my pcos is always difficult when working. What foods do you eat while on the go?

Today I get back on track and will see how things are affecting my supply as I join the ranks of daytime pumpers.

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  1. I always feel better when I eat more protein so I take cheese snacks to work for a quick snack. They are only 70 calories each. Also low fat turkey pepperoni are good too.
    You could also go with protein bars, eat half as a mid morning snack and eat the other half in the afternoon.