Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Someone want to let me in?

How do you get through the day? i'm a semi reformed caffiene addict. I limit my caffiene intake so that my child does not get caffiene laced breastmilk (even though it may still be coffee flavored as I try to trick my body with lots of decaff). and also so as not to further reduce my supply.

But heaven help me, my child has not been cooperative on the sleep side of things since going back to work. So I'm having zombie periods during the day. Especially right around the time I pump. that whole hour I could easily join a thriller Flash mob and fit right in. I eat and drink a whole bottle of water during that time but then I just feel like a floating zombie. More along the lines of Kevin Costners acting job in Waterworld than a hip Michael Jackson Video.

Will I get used to this or are there tricks to dealing with exhaustion besides caffiene, protein and stretching muscles? If so, please let me in on the mom code because I'm feeling a little left out

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