Monday, June 20, 2011

Whoa, Bessy, slow it down

Yea, I just called myself a cow...but in a loving way. ;)

2.2. That was my official weightloss for the week. This was a wierd week. Thursday night I made dinner and had been tracking my food and doing well and then about thirty minutes later I got violently ill. We are guessing Food Poisoning but it was miserable. I lost over 5lbs in one night but I knew it needed to come back because I lost a lot of fluid. For several days I lost my appetite. I lived off Cola and gatorade. Yesterday I finally ate a few meals. Mostly carbs. I finally gained a few pounds back when I weighed this morning. It's a dissappointment but I knew I would and needed to so its fine.

Weight Watchers actually fussed at me though. My average is 2.8lbs per week which is too fast for their preferences. I'm torn. I love that I'm losing and I feel so much better about myself just a mere 11.3 lbs later (in four weeks). I'm about five pounds from achieving my firt WW goal and 16lbs from prepregnancy weight. BUT I do not wish to do anything that would negatively affect my body or my milk supply as I'm doing all of this for my son. To be a healthy a mom and be here for him for as long as I can be. So its a fight within my brain to actively SLOW my weightloss. A foreign concept for sure!

Change is in the air though. This is my last week at home. ::tear:: I think going back to work will be good for my body, mind and even weightloss. It will be a schedule with a mixture of adult time, mental stimulation, and set eating (plus prepared meals to take with me). But it will be bad on my heart which will be at home with my baby boy. I hope the emotional turmoil of adjustment does not negatively affect my progress.

I still need to work more activity into my routine preferably without spending more time away from my son. This is one area I have not grasped yet. Any tips or advice or encouragement in that aspect would be appreciated. How do you work exercise in around an infant and a full work schedule. With DH working and in school I sometimes feel like a single parent. How do single parents work in exercise etc? I admire their stamina because I'm not sure I could do it 24/7 and retain my sanity. Seriously.

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