Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 Month Letter

Dear Matthew,
You are three Months old. You turned three months on July 7th and I wrote the following letter to you; but as my hands are full with you and a full time job, I'm just now posting it. You are growing so fast I can't keep up with the changes. I have visions of your future adventures as you start to crawl, walk, run. We've introduced you to jumper toys and you are happy with them for short lengths of time.

You are interacting with toys now, mostly trying to shove them in your mouth but that's okay. You chose your first toy at babies R Us- a little dinosaur that Cody the dog keeps trying to steal from you. You have a long road fighting over toys with that one.

Daddy has taught you to blow raspberries and you think its the greatest thing for us to do it. Dancing with Momma around the living room elicits deep rolling belly laughs that echo through the house and makes my heart trip over itself.

Momma had to go back to work but you have been having good days with your great-aunt Lynn. It tears me up to leave you but when I come home and you light up with smiles and turn towards my voice it heals thosse cracks a little because despite the distance you don't forget me. I only hope that one day you know why I sacrifice time with you and understand that its out of love because providing opportunity, security, and physical necessities for you is the only thing that could drag me away. I stare at your pictures and think of you all day long, rushing out the door to see your smiling face.

The first week was really rough but the past several days you have slept through the night and it has made all the difference. It's amazing that I can now function well on 5 hours of sleep, but I thank you for having mostly good nights since the day you were born.

You still love the outdoors and bathtime. This week we will be combining the two & introducing you to the swimming pool. I foresee many summers of swimming with friends in your future.

I look forward to all your stages, the things you will do and see but I will continue to beg you to slow down. My cuddly, snuggly baby is fastly turning into a happy bubbly bouncy boy with a sweet disposition. I hope you never out grow giving your mom a kiss and hug because that innocent affection you show is the greatest thing I've ever experienced.

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