Thursday, July 14, 2011

the Mom Syndrome

I have a whole new appreciation for my mother now that I am one. Growing up there are aspects to a mother you can never understand.She baffles your brain.

She watches TV standing up, never quite having he rattention caught as she's cooking dinner/cleaning/wrangling children at the same time.

No matter how early you wake up, she's already awake (with coffee in her hand.)

While everyone is enjoying a lazy weekend, the mom is still working-making meals, cleaning up, washing the beach towels, etc. (probably nagging for a little help.)

She's almost always the last to bed, making sure dishes are done, food is put away, bags are packed for the morning, turning off lights.

If you ever get her to sit down to a movie, she falls asleep. She is always tired and carries a faint scent of coffee like its a fine perfume.

I have officially become my mother, and as much as I lamented this future as a teenager, its really not a bad place to be. It's exhausting and the work is never done, but I feel accomplished on a good day and the moments of snuggling, the smiles and joy and love on my child's face are worth every yawn & dust bunny, and evn worth becoming my mother, because, hey, I didn't turn out so bad!

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