Thursday, December 17, 2009

Board? ME TOO!!

So I got a new cutting board. Not just ANY cutting board but a fabulous piece of solid surface counter top scrap that was lovingly cut and sealed by my darling husband (who works for a countertop place). It's fabulous. It's large, and heavy and doesn't dull my knives or show scratches.

I 'lurve' it. Now if only he had enough scraps to do my entire kitchen. HMMM. Le sigh. I love my kitchen with its custom built high counters but the 80's fake butcherblock laminate can go...seriously...I'm ready to upgrade. It's on the to do list and distant budget. Until then, I will be using my fabulous new cutting board and blocking out the counter top around it (like in a dream, where everything but the hot hunk with rippling muscles is out of focus? oh what? don't pretend you don't dream like that).

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