Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keurig-King of the Kitchen

I was introduced to the Keurig coffee pot over a year ago by Kelly. A nice tidy pot that brews a superb cup of coffee one cup at a time. While a neat concept, I didn't find it necessary and stood staunchly by my old traditional coffee pot.

I am a traditional gal, and a stubborn one. If a traditional method is working, why upgrade? After countless trips rushing home from work because I forgot to turn the coffee pot (or atleast I thought I had) off, I decided a new coffee pot was in order. I wistfully glanced at the Keurig's but reported "I just need a coffee pot with an automatic shut off so I don't burn the house down."

You know those commercials where it has a woman in the space suit and the guy in a chef's outfit standing in a kitchen? The slogan is something about "Where style and innovation meet?" (I think its an appliance commercial but I can't find it on google or youtube) Well, that is us. My husband is Mr. Techno and I'm Mrs. Classic Style. He actually appreciates the latest gadgets and tech fads while I cling staunchly to the familiar. Example: The great PalmPilot debate of 2006. Bless his heart he TRIED to bring me into the current world and get me to use a Palm Pilot with GPS capability and Laptop synchronization. Three years later I'm still using a day planner, post-it notes and getting lost in the countryside.

The coffee pot however, is a masterpiece of brilliance that he would not settle on. I lusted after a Keurig? Then nothing but a Keurig would do. Isn't he the best? Santa brought me a Keurig for Christmas. You think I had a coffee addiction before? HA, that little monster is getting a workout. I'm pretty sure I'm up to 5 or 6 double cups a day. This coffee is so wonderful and fast. I used to have to make the coffee, flip the switch, take the dogs out, come back in and 3 cups were barely brewed. I can now stumble to the kitchen, push the button and have a cup of coffee ready to take outside with me before I ever get my shoes on!

Can we say love? So from one stubborn traditional coffee lover to another, if you are in the market for a new coffee maker, spend the money, buy a Keurig.

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  1. we have one of those in our front counter at work for our customers.

    i've never had coffee from it, but it is indeed a handy little thing.