Monday, December 20, 2010

Complete Holiday/Baby randomness

Our Christmas shopping is almost done. I have One, maybe two, things to pick up for DH and groceries to buy but other than that, no more mall, big stores, mad dashes through the snow. The wrapping is almost complete.

Classic Movies have been dug out to peruse through this week and the kitchen is ready for the onslaught of baking. I have friends to visit, cookie tins to put together, and Holiday Dinners to prepare for.

In the midst of this, I did manage to knock out putting my contacts into an Excel sheet and emailing it to my Baby shower co-hosts per their request. I can’t believe that is around the corner too. Then it hits me, as soon as Christmas is over (THIS WEEK), it will be a headlong sprint into preparing for baby’s arrival. There really isn’t that much time left in the scheme of things! I’m heading face first into THIRD TRIMESTER! If I was having trouble believing that, the extremely hard kicks, punches and painful shoves coming from my son would surely clue me in.

He’s getting so strong it’s hard to comprehend. Some of these jabs are quite powerful and painful and I wonder how I’m going to make it through two and a half more months (almost three!). I go from a dead sleep to fully awake clutching my stomach it can be so painful and powerful sometimes. It’s getting difficult for me to bend to keep my toenails trimmed and shave. When I do, I get out of breath and jabbed from the inside. My husband glares at me and tells me to “quit smooshing his kid.”

I love every minute of it but I can’t believe how fast the time is moving. It’s Christmas….and then I’m going to meet this little guy! ::pause for freak out::

Slight panic attack over. If you made it through this completely random post, have a holiday cookie…on me…really…I’ve eaten too many according to my scales.

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