Friday, December 31, 2010

Because an Infant Needs Tonka Trunks

and Batman Toys and a Nerf sword/battle axe combo immediately upon exiting utero. At least that is what my husband told me when he went a little nuts with the scanner on the Target registry. Really honey? This is your idea of finishing a registry and taking the pressure off of me? 89 items, 30 of which are toys for boys over 3yo.

Uh huh. Maybe I don't know anything about boys and he in his all of his infinite wisdom and experience with his nephews and being a boy himself is on to something here, but I'm not seeing it. How are Tonka trucks and a 23 different bottles plus one pack of nipples supposed to give our son the perfect start in life?

My poor Matthew will have milk and toys. What more does a boy need right?

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