Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Letter to my son

Dear Matthew,
It's Christmas night and I'm snuggled on the sofa in pajamas with the lights glowing from the Christmas tree thinking of you. I'm actually a little surprised you are not moving more after that last sugar cookie bar I ate but its been a busy day for you too. Today was an amazing day. It was actually a white Christmas which is very rare in North Carolina. We weren't able to stay at Grandma's as long as we normally would because the roads were getting bad and we had a long drive home. Luckily we were able to use Daddy's four wheel drive on the last leg of the journey when things got a tad slippery so you never knew a moment of discomfort that a ditch plus seatbelt might have brought to you but I am VERY Glad we are home and snuggly and safe.

Grandma (or as she wants to be called NANNA) and your Auntie were very excited to feel you move and kick today. I'm sorry they kept pressing on you and aggravated you but thank you for obliging them. It was a very sweet Christmas present.

You would not believe the amount of things we got for you today from the family. You have some great toys and items waiting for your arrival. Daddy and I need to work really hard on your room over the next few weeks so we can have a place to put all this stuff but for now I'm enjoying looking at it piled under the tree and thinking what next Christmas will bring to you. Excitement and bows and papers and boxes because I have no delusions that you will be more interested in that then anything Santa may bring for you!

The endless possibilities and joy are such an amazing thing to think about tonight. I can't wait to see Christmas through your eyes and watch you grow but don't grow too fast okay? Don't grow up on me. For now, you are all mine to hold and love but soon I have to share you with Daddy more and let you grow and explore. While I can't wait for all that, I don't want everything to happen too fast. The greatest present I have this year is feeling you and knowing you are happy and healthy in there. Even as I type this, you are moving and getting comfy and it brings such peace to my life.

Next year, I will be rocking you to sleep under the glow of Christmas lights. Placing you in a warm crib on a peaceful night and reflecting on what an amazing year it was. In years to come, I can see you falling asleep amidst your toys under the tree with dogs curled around you as your daddy gently picks you up and totes you to your room to tuck you in. Such wonderful images to treasure as I think of you tonight. Daddy and I love you with all our hearts and are so happy this year all because of you. You are our true present today, knowing you are with us and we will be meeting you soon. I could not have asked for a better gift and so you have your name. Matthew which means Gift from God and honors Daddy's best friend who is in Heaven. You are truly our gift baby boy and I hope we can gift to you an amazing life full of opportunity, hope and love. Be well sweetheart.

Your Mama

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