Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2010

My time is a bit scrunched this year but at least my decorations are up and my house is Tour Friendly even if I'm posting at the last minute! I hope you enjoy a few glimpses of my Holiday Home! Don't forget to jog over and look at all the amazing houses and decorations courtesy of TheNester!

Dining and Kitchen (My favorite rooms):

Entry Way:

Living Room Touches:

As you can tell by my header, I love everything Fairies (not cheesy little Tinkerbell Fairies but elegant ones. DH has been buying me fairies ornaments every year so I have a collection going on the tree:

I love Everything Santa at Christmas. I BELIEVE, do you?

I do not have pictures of our simple outdoor decorations. If it's not raining, snowy or crazy bitter wind, then it's dark. Thus no pics. The one decent afternoon we had, we did manage to get some pictures snapped for our Christmas cards, thanks to BETH! So here is one of the shots from that (not the one we used since DH had a bad expression which is over half the pics) but not the one we are using for our card. This one shows the most decorations and our beautiful dogs so I will end with a Merry Christmas from our Home to yours!

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  1. It all looks fav is that cute kitchen SANTA:) I’m having a Christmas Open House on the 16th…you love to have you join in!