Sunday, December 12, 2010

Menu Monday-Two Weeks till Christmas

Can you believe that there is only one weekend left till christmas? OMG, I haven't even STARTED the homemade goods, baking etc. Where has the time gone? I was ambitious last night and made several drafts of posts for recipes over the past few weeks WITH pictures (finally right?) but I didn't get the recipe parts done so you will have to wait. Progress has been made though right?

I'm very dissappointed that it doesn't look like I'll be able to try a bunch of new holiday recipes either. I just don't have the time but I will atleast do a mash up of past favorites that I'm making this year.

This week is COOLLLDDDD here in NC (high 30, low 17 with windchills of 12 and below) YIPES!

So for Sunday, I made a big crock pot full of vegetable soup.

I pulled out some of the hamburger and onion cooked in tomato stock to make Beef Enchiladas later in the week.

I also roasted some Chicken Breasts for a Broccoli and Rice Casserole.

I have a Turkey Breast in the Freezer and another pack of Chicken Breasts in the fridge in case the leftover's don't hold out the whole week! LOL I'm hoping by getting a headstart on my meals I can spend a little time on Holiday Goodies and Blogging!

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