Friday, December 17, 2010



MY SON HAS CRIB BEDDING! OMG! He's not even here yet and he's already such a little boy I want to cry. It was all I could do to not blubber all over the bedding as I unpacked it but it made it so real. Now I get to pick paint colors! I adore the teal blue but I think its too dark. I'm thinking possibly doing half the wall in tan and half the wall in the avocado green with a chair rail or yellow stripe in the middle.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. That is really really cute! I love it.

    Nora still doesn't have crib bedding....I was waiting to see whether she was a boy or a girl, and now she sleeps in my bed so I haven't picked anything out for her yet.

  2. Awe isn't it amazing to think that we are going to have little boys in our houses in just a few months! So, of course, they need bedding!! I like the idea of the green and tan and you can do lots of accessories in the teal...maybe do his name/letters in the teal on the wall. So many options!! Can't wait to see the nursery one day!! B/c you totally know I am going to come visit when we are both on maternity leave!! PLAY DATE (for the moms)!!