Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4 months Later-BIG DIFFERENCE and I mean BIG

For your viewing pleasure and since I'm wearing the exact same outfit, I decided to do a comparison from when I first started now. HOLY CRAP. I knew I had gained weight but I didn't think I was really showing. I feel huge now.

31 Weeks

Total weight gain: Approx. 24 pounds. Holy Crap. for the past three weeks I've been doing great. Had not gained anything more. Then today, (1 week before my next Dr's appt) BAM. Weight gain. ::sighs in frustration::

Maternity clothes? Today? NOPE...Still Not a stitch though I do wear it about half the time. I tried on the one dress last night that I was planning to wear to the babyshower, it looks horrid. I may have to go shopping.

Sleep: I have not been sleeping well lately but I did sleep last night. Apparently the trend is, I get to sleep well on Tuesday nights only. Go figure.

Best moment this week: Seeing the nursery coming together.

Gender: Definately a BOY!

Craving: Not really anything. I'm dehydrated so I've been drinking a lot of water. Guzzling like a Camel in the desert to be exact. My humps on the front side though.

Definately and I love every second of it.

Labor Signs: No.

Belly Button in or out? Still In

What I miss: Sleep..and after seeing the comparison picture, yea I'm missing the smaller version of myself again.

What I am looking forward to: Completing the nursery.

Milestones: Nursery is painted, new light fixture, new blinds, new switchplates and the crib is put together! Squee!


  1. you look great!!! OMG, you are having a baby!!! So exciting!!! It just hits me a different moments!

  2. Look at your bump!! Love love love love