Monday, January 24, 2011

an Ode to Future McFatty Mondays

I am not currently participating, as all I'm doing is trying to maintain through pregnancy and as we all know that hasn't been going so well. Hello, week 30 with a gain of 22lbs. So anywho, I am excited about one thing: I BOUGHT A JOGGING STROLLER THIS WEEKEND. I don't jog. I don't run. I will stroll from a burning building inhaling smoke versus getting out of breath in order to reach fresh air.

Over the past few months though, I have been inspired and DH and I agreed to "train" for a marathon. Our first goal is to do a 5k next fall: either a Susan G Komen or a Turkey Trot.

I did not register for a jogging stroller as its not a necessity at this point and its something WE want to do and would pick up later when he's a few months old. However, we came across one at Target on clearance for a ridiculously low price. Total: $53.00.

I'm totally stoked. So much that it is currently hanging out in my livingroom to keep me inspired. I want to put my cat in it and go for a job but the baby pressing on my sciatic nerve causing my legs and feet to randomly go numb prevents me from doing so. The cat can thank the baby later.

Have no fear ladies, I will be back in the McFatty Monday game soon...and with a vengeance. Keep up the good work gals!


  1. OMG $53.00?! That is awesome! We have been looking for one for a while now in hopes that we will run/jog more but I can not shell out the money for one. Wish I had your luck!!! BTW you look great, no matter how much you have or haven't gained!

  2. I named you for a blog award. Check out my blog for details. though I am sure you have this award already :) xo