Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 1 Round-up

So my first excruciatingly detailed Menu post linked with Recipes fell a little short of my actual desire to keep up. I had curve balls galore which I handled well but my motivation for actually posting about the recipes wained halfway through the week with the wrenches thrown into the gears of efficiency.

In short, due to unforeseen circumstances, my plan was not executed very well. LOL

Wednesday, my Dr's appointment ran for over 2 hours due to an emergency the Dr. was called in for. Since we were slam out of dog food that required a pitstop and it was literally too late for me to cook what was on the plan. So a pitstop ensued. No biggie right? Saturday, my in-laws visited and took us out to Panera for dinner so another day down.

So let's review:
Monday: Mustard Parmesan Chicken with an Avocado and Black Bean Salad (both recipes courtesy of Paula Deen. I personally enjoyed this meal greatly. My husband was not a big fan of the chicken but enjoyed the salad.

Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan with Garlic Bread (Courtesy of the current issue of Martha Stewart Living)We both enjoyed this recipe but wasted a lot of leftovers as it made quite a bit and we got tired of it. Would not have frozen well in my opinion as the breading on the chicken gets denatured.

Wednesday: Parmigiana Sliders on fresh Brioche bread (Courtesy of the current issue of Martha Stewart Living and the Breadlover’s BreadMachine Cookbook). We ended up making this on Thursday and I enjoyed the sandwiches served on dinner rolls (I didn't have a chance to make the Brioche until the weekend). Stephen thought the meatballs were a tad bland.

Thursday: Bean Sliders (Courtesy of the current issue of Martha Stewart Living) and Shortbread Cookies dipped in Chocolate. This was a complete disaster. The bean patties completely melted apart when frying them and I ended up with a giant bean paste in the frying pan. Disgusting. I froze the rest of the beans and may try it again later but I'm not even posting the recipe, it was that much of a failure. Shortbread cookies did not get made.

Friday: Tomato Macaroni and Cheese (Courtesy of Paula Deen) with Turkey Meatloaf Neither of us liked this recipe, which is really surprising as we have never not liked a Paula Deen recipe before. Due to using all cheddar, it came out oily. The flavor wasn't too bad but the texture killed it. Stephen hated the tomatoes on top.

Saturday: Chicken Salad Panini with Cole Slaw and English Toffee. Neither of these items got made due to In-laws visiting.

So following the National Foodie days for main meals, not too bad. Following all the little desserts? Not my best idea as that is the first thing to get put off when my time gets crunched. Maybe I will improve as the weeks go by!

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