Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Family that plays together...

When I was young, I never needed anyone…oh wait, no, that was Celine Dion. Never mind. Seriously, family has always been important to me. Even when I was going through my college rebellious independent phase, I still had and relied on a strong family support system.
My family is amazing. We have our issues, like I can’t stand to be in the room with my mother and sister for more than 30 minutes without wanting to strangle someone, but each by themselves is totally okay. My mother and sister live beside each other and are together ALL the time. They have this unique bickering/nagging thing that is like the Gilmore Girls but more annoying and not half as cute. They don’t even notice but it drives the rest of us up the wall. I still love them immensely. My husband swears that my sister and I are equally as annoying as we have our own way of communicating that is half mind meld, half finished sentences, private smirks and shrill laughter. Oh and when we are all together, we get LOUD. Not just the immediate family but EVERYONE. The hazards of not only growing up on open land and yelling between the houses but of bad hearing, old age and trying to talk over each other results in loud conversations and voices. My poor husband escapes whenever possible. (Don’t feel too sorry for him though, because his family has equally annoying quirks that he just doesn’t pay attention to as much that drive me apeshitbatty.)

For my precious Dad’s 60th birthday, we through a surprise party for him at my house with a 1950’s sock hop theme (the year he was born). We invited his family and extended family over and had an old fashioned barbeque. We (and I mean my darling brother-in-law) literally fired the pig up at 5am in my backyard and smelled up the neighborhood all day long. Our neighbors woke up drooling all over their pillows with scented smoke drifting around their homes. They kept doing drive bys and walk by’s like swarming flies ready to pounce on us. LOL

Here are a few pictures (taken by Mrs.Beth who also made the awesome cake) of the party full of my family and friends who are always there to celebrate, to lift you up, and to help you out if you ever need it. I am so blessed to be bringing a child into such a strong family that knows how to be together and to show an abundance of strength, character and love. I grew up strong, safe and secure. I was taught love, understanding, and courage from these amazing people and I’m ready to pass that along to a new generation.

My Dad's Sister Sue came complete with homemade poodle skirt!

My sister and I

BIL and His Dad cooking up some amazing Barbeque in my backyard.

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  1. OMG I am totally jealous of that GRILL or whatever it is called, I am salivating thinking about all the food that could be cooked on it! Looks like a fun party and I agree, family is VERY important!