Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy day whining

It's one of those know where the weather is cool and dreary, a pressure system is moving through and your head is pounding so you lament about all the bad things? That would be today. What am I lamenting about?

The fact that sometimes my stomach is hard as a rock and other times it goes soft like my ute disappeared all together. How I haven't felt the baby move lately and its probably my fault because I had too much caffiene and not enough water so something terrible has happened.

How my nips are turning dark, almost scabby at the tips and sore. Did I mention they are huge? WTF? I can barely stand to look at them much less touch them. A casual playful grab from DH sends me into a cowering screaming puddle of boob grasping teeth baring frenzy. I feel like a tazmanian devil where my boobs are concerned.

His flippant "welcome to pregnany honey" comments don't help. AS IF YOU EFFING KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE ARSEHOLE! STFU.

See? I'm an irrational complaining raging bitch today. I should have stayed in bed.


  1. I hate when my belly gets soft too and the fears creep in. 15 days and you will feel so much better!

  2. The husband calls them "National Geographic Nipples." He has no idea how lucky he is to be alive.