Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OWT: Wedding Ring Dousing

Why do I call it dousing or dowsing also known as a form of divinization? Because it is. Dowsing comes down from the German Renaissance practice of searching for water using a diving rod. It was used in other magical practices through the years via a pendulum asking the divine questions and interpreting the pendulum swings.

There are several Old Wives Tales that use this form of traditional magick probably passed down through that ages by “wise women,” the real “midwives” etc. So the next time you perform a Gender prediction “trick”, just know that it stems from a very magickal and humble pagan traditions.

Now that the lesson is over, we tried the wedding ring on a string over the tummy last night. We couldn’t get that sucker to move though. It probably doesn’t help that my Husband with hands as steady as a rock was holding it. You would think having the resident practicing Pagan in the house hold the string would produce more accurate results but NOOOOOOO he had to be difficult.

Don’t worry Jeanna, I’ll get one of my girlfriends to do it this weekend. Nothing like having a Catholic girl or an Agnostic perform a Pagan ritual on a Southern Baptist.


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