Friday, October 1, 2010

Movement or lack thereof

On the 2nd Trimester Message Boards, they talk about feeling flutters, tickles, ghostly pokes, and what is described as a fish flipping over around 14 weeks. My book says nothing about feeling the baby yet, but many I know have mentioned these sensations around 15-16 weeks.

All I feel is pain and soreness, which I investigated via Google. In addition to RLP (round ligament Pain) the other twinges and constant soreness could not be explained until I found some information that said “Women with high hormone levels can experience feelings of soreness in the abdominal area through 18 weeks.” Well, we already know my progesterone level was through the roof (see stats to the left) and I have PCOS which makes my hormones batty anyway.

So am I not feeling the early signs of baby due to the soreness? Is the soreness more powerful than any flutter? Or am I not feeling the baby for some other reason?

I am not thinking there is something wrong, because I feel like my stomach is changing and firming up and rounding out. I wouldn’t be progressing like that if something was wrong. Right?

Last night, I looked in my book to see when it said I would start feeling movement and it actually said that “if you have had a baby before, you may start to feel movement around Week 17.”

So are these girls full of gas or is the Pregnancy Bible outdated and out of touch? All I know is that I can feel/see a difference in my stomach. I still have RLP occasionally, gas all the time, heartburn all the time, and abdominal tenderness/soreness quite frequently.

I think this period of Second Tri is a lull in pregnancy. You start feeling better after the “torture” of first tri ute stabs, puking and exhaustion but you aren’t feeling anything different quite yet.

Given HLB’s name, I’m considering this more of the Calm before the Storm. I have a feeling my little Hurricane is going to be a doozy and pack quite a punch once it becomes active.


  1. I am almost 20 weeks and I have felt the "flutters" a few times but nothing consistent. I had an appointment yesterday and I asked the Dr about it, she said totally normal :)

  2. I didn't feel movement until after 20 weeks, and then I really felt movement. In fact, the first time I really felt a lot of movement was when we were in the movie theater watching District 9. Nothing like feeling all kinds of strange movement while watching an alien movie...

  3. I didn't feel anything until almost 20 weeks, and then it was NON STOP crazy baby time.

  4. I felt flutters - like little bubbles - at 14 weeks with my SECOND baby...but not with my first. I didn't feel her until after 20 weeks - but when I did it was definitely the flipping fish you mention - moving quickly to the tumbles and elbows! :)

  5. I don't think I felt anything until 24 weeks. I had an anterior placenta which could have been the reason. During my 20 week ultrasound, the baby was really moving around and the u/s tech couldn't believe I couldn't feel anything.

  6. 15 weeks I thought I felt something and by 16 weeks I was 100% sure it was her. She moved like CRAZY the whole pregnancy. Maybe your placenta is in a funny position?