Monday, May 23, 2011

Back on the McFatty Train

Back before pregnancy I participated in Heir To Blair's McFatty Monday posts. In 6 months I had lost 46 lbs and was battling a plateau when I finally got pregnant. During pregnancy I was bound and determined to gain no more than 15lbs. Up until half way through I had not gained anything, and then the pounds packed on. I think part of me did get a little slack but the biggest part is that I quit exercising and didn't adjust my food to account for that.

I am embarrased to say that I put on 44lbs during pregnancy. While in the hospital I gained 10 lbs in fluid and was a swollen blimp. I can't stand looking at the pictures from the hospital. My follow up appointment the next week to have my staples removed I had lost 32lbs leaving me with 22 to lose before reaching prepregnancy weight (and then still a whole lot more). Two weeks later I was at the exact same weight. Nothing lost.

I put off thinking about weight loss for a bit as I was struggling with making enough milk and having to supplement formula. One of my problems was I WASn't eating throughout the day due to constantly dealing/holding a fussy baby and shoving whatever I could get my hands on in my mouth once or twice a day (a lot of it being straight carbs for quick energy as I was sleep deprived as well). The result was still not enough milk (thanks to PCOS) and I gained 5lbs after starting to take the fenugreek and eating more (carbs).

So after much research and struggling with milk supply and seeing a Lactation Consultant and my Dr's etc. multiple times, I decided dieting appropriately was probably more condusive to a healthy milk supply (if I'm ever going to get one) as going the way things are now. I'm joining weightwatchers online as they have a program that takes into consideration nursing moms. I'm also going back to a lower carb lifestyle. Carb loaded foods are easy and quick so that's what I've been eating but that is the exact wrong thing for my PCOS body.

This weekend I picked up veggies and fruits at the Farmer's Market, whole wheat pastas and English Muffins at the store, lots of spinach and lean meats. I started yesterday eating through the day (starting off with my lactation inducing oatmeal fix -that so far hasn't helped a whole lot) and finishing off with brown rice, fresh spinach, roasted veggies and baked chicken.

This morning? I've already lost two pounds and yesterday I had more energy despite a sleepless night. Last night was fantastic. We slept well and he has been a happy baby this morning.

So here I go. Back on the McFatty monday Train armed with Weight Watchers Online, low carb options, Zumba DVD's, 30 Day Shred DVD and a stroller and treadmill. I have the tools, now I just need to put everything in practise and make it a priority so that I already have the habits when I go back to work in a few weeks. I've put myself on the back burner adjusting to life as a new mom and a milk cow with low supply. My baby is priority but I have to keep focused on making me a priority so that I am a better parent and a healthy one that will be here for him.

Wish me Luck.


  1. good for you!!! You are getting serious much sooner than I did. I joined this awesome website called, it is like facebook where you can comment on each other and encourage each other. It also counts your calories and tracks work outs. It is a super easy website (can you tell I am kinda obsessed!)

    I have 38 pounds to lose, if it makes you feel better! I am right there with ya!

  2. Good Luck! I have still not found my motivation to start again and my daughter is 16 months old. :( I hope it works for you, you did such an awesome job before!!!

  3. I decided to get serious when my daughter was 11 months old. Now she is a week away from 14 months and I am down 21 pounds. I have the inspiration and accountability from all the McFatty posts to thank.

    Good luck with everything!

  4. You can do it! Motivation and the desire to want it is the key! :)

  5. Good Luck! I sent you a PM on TB!

  6. I have a ton of faith in you! I'm here if there's absolutely anything I can help you with.