Sunday, May 8, 2011


is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to those who hold your babies in your arms and those who hold your babies in your hearts while the angels rock them.

This is my first with my baby in my arms and its a little bittersweet. There is nothing different today than yesterday except the memories of last year haunting me.

Today we are spending a quiet day, holding our babe. I took a nap with him sleeping on my chest but its hard not to shed a few tears today. In happiness, in rememberance, in love and in joy.

My heart is with the other mothers who may not be quite as lucky as me but are mother's in their hearts, in their souls. To the other Mother's who are celebrating life on this day but who have known other days of hardship as well.

Happy Mother's Day to all my girls, all the mothers.

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  1. I had thought today would be a wonderful happy day too, but have found myself thinking about our angels more than I thought. I, too, snuggled close with my new son and thought about the women who are in the mists of what we were experiencing last mothers day.

    I don't know if you saw what I put on FB, but here it is: Happy Mothers Day to ALL the mommies out there with children in their arms or in Heaven. Remembering our twin angels and kissing our little miracle even more today.

    Seems to sum up the same feeling that you are having.