Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr.'s Update

The General Practitioner felt that my abdominal pain was caused by a ruptured cyst but did blood and urine panels to rule out intestinal infections etc. She suggested transvaginal imaging but I would have had to go over the hospital for that. So I declined and promised to call my OB as they had the right equipment, which I did. The OB asked me to come in and I had a pelvic and a dildocam scan. they confirmed I had fluid most likely from a cyst rupture. They also found two more cysts on my right ovary: 1 inch in diameter and 1/2 inch in diameter.

I have to follow up on the 26th with my regular OB and this Dr. wanted me to not take the clomid next cycle which is so frustrating as it would be month four...which is the average conception month and our previous conception month. It will also be august which was when we concieved last time. I just want to cry.

So this morning my GP's assistant calls me and says "yea, so your white blood count is elevated to 13.3 so there could be some infection. We want you to have an abdominal scan" I explained to her that I already had one at my OB and what they found. She is speaking to the dr. and supposed to call me back.

The little hypochondriac that sits on my shoulder is freaking out right now. I'm having twinges on the right side (which could be all in my head now that I know the cysts are there) and I have noticed the past few days when I went to the potty there was a bit stronger smell when I I'm worried I have an infection thanks to Mr. Cyst. URGH

I may be taking my SIL up on her offer to carry a child for me. If only I could afford the egg withdrawal/sperm withdrawal, implantation and insertion and all her medical bills that would not be covered by my insurance...oh wait..that's right...that's why we didn't move straight to IVF. Darn budget and economic recession.

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  1. I'm so sorry.

    Why does this always have to be one trial after another? I wish I could make it better for you!