Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last McFatty Monday till 2011

This will probably be my last McFatty Monday update. Last week, we achieved pregnancy and I’m very ecstatic. Fearful but ecstatic. We got our first beta numbers in. At 14dpo- 155 with a progesterone level of 50.2. At 16dpo=320 with a progesterone level of 52.

My first OB appointment is this afternoon. While I will continue to follow everyone’s weightloss journeys, trying to exercise regularly and eat well, I will not be focused on LOSING weight during pregnancy of course so I will just be monitoring my weight gain (or hopefully lack thereof for awhile) during weekly pregnancy updates.

This is going to be quite difficult as I’ve been a starvin’ marvin for the past week. It’s quite bizarre. Even before I knew I was pregnant I was suddenly getting hungry (to the point of stomach twisting, almost gagging because I was so hungry) every few hours. It’s continued for a week. The odd thing was, I was losing weight. By Friday I had dropped four pounds (from Monday). Today I am back up three so it must have been a fluke caused by nerves or something (or else that steak I had this weekend packed on the pounds!)…oh wait….scratch that…steak and ICECREAM. I forgot I had a Bruster’s brownie sundae yesterday. (on top of homemade creamed corn over a buttermilk biscuit). Okay… I was a pig this weekend but it was so good. I would like to see the person that turns down southern creamed corn and fluffy biscuits OR a brownie sundae after a day of swimming in the insane heat and sun. I’ll be extra cautious this week.

Anyway, I’m very thankful that I participated in this and dropped the weight I did and look forward to participating again after a healthy baby is born. Fingers crossed! I wish lots of luck and love to all my girls who are still on the weight loss journey. Do not give up. I predict you will all be skinny minis by the time I’m a hugely pregnant woman begging to give birth soon so that I can see my feet once more.


  1. This is the best reason ever to quit :) I'm so happy for you!

  2. YAY for quitting McFatty Monday, good betas, yummy ice cream and food, sunny days in the pool, and wee tiny babes!