Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Things from a Beesting

I’ve had a fairly interesting week. Sometimes our wishes are answered in mysterious ways. I was wondering how I was going to make it through this week. I was waiting on other people at work so I had little to do to occupy my time. I had a ton of work at home but could not justify an unpaid day off to do it. Then I got stung. Granted, not the best way to take time off work and not fully productive either as the benedryl knocks me out but not a totally unpleasant way to catch up on sleep and sleep through the AF cramps. I was able to catch up on laundry, can green beans, vacuum, go to the pool store, clean the bedroom and do a ton of chores in between icing my arm and sleeping on the sofa.

When I came back to work things had been done in my absence so now I have plenty to keep me occupied through next week! YAY! I get to start the weekend doing things I want to do (like working on the pool, stringing up beans, making peach jam) versus things I have to do (clean house, run errands).

To top it off, I jumped on the scales this morning to see the damage I had done by laying around the house eating everything in sight thanks to AF (including icecream, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, watermelon, squash pie, and chicken noodle soup-the high sodium canned kind) and to my pleasant surprise I lost five pounds. WHAT? You mean, I work my arse off, eat little and gain weight, but can lay around eating everything and lose weight? My body is seriously fucked up. I’m now sure that my weekend weight gain was all water and bloat. I was definitely bloated.

It’s a little depressing that I’m not knocked up. I’m going to give Clomid another month as I’m not completely sure I didn’t ovulate on the 14th day last month and have a long LP versus ovulating late and having a super short LP. So we will give it one more try versus wasting a month completely waiting on an appt with an RE as I will be starting Clomid today and I’m pretty sure I can’t get into see an RE THAT fast!

I can’t help but see the date I conceived Bumblebee creeping closer and closer on the calendar and I have such mixed emotions about that. Will it make it harder if I conceive the same month and have to go through all the dates again? Will it make it easier and feel like I have a second chance with the same spirit? I don’t know! I think making the appts and having to go through the loss dates are going to be even scarier if everything is the same though. How did that happen? How has it been a year already?

We are cancelling our insurance through DH’s work which is a tremendous savings but man is it scary! We have to start over with deductibles for this year but hopefully we won’t have any major events and need to worry about that anyway. For the next week there is nothing I can do about my fertility or anything else (including my super shallow budget till payday NEXT WEEK) so I am going to enjoy my yardwork, my home, and one of my favorite holidays. Fingers crossed the pool will be ready for a last minute party. That would make me happy.


  1. I can't believe I don't know the answer to this, but do you use OPKs?

    I'm glad you got most of your must-do chores out of the way. That should make for a much more enjoyable weekend!

  2. No. I've never had a positive OPK. I was told that many women with PCOS do not have luck with them so I quit wasting my money.Maybe I'll give it a try again.