Monday, June 14, 2010

McFatty Monday

Another Monday has come. They sneak up so fast. There is never enough time to get everything done. We worked diligently in the garden/yard this weekend despite the insane heat and the severe afternoon storms.

I drank gallons of water and sweated out the same, but I kept going. I definitely got a workout and I fueled myself with spinach noodle spaghetti with ground turkey, turkey bacon and homemade biscuits, zucchini casserole and subway. I’m trying very hard to change over to better carbs and give up my much loved pasta. It’s been weeks since I’ve had my addictive Creamy Pea Pasta. My downfall this weekend? Hot chocolate. At the end of a long hard day, I showered and curled up on the sofa with my dog and a starbucks Venti Hot cocoa. BOTH DAYS. Good for the soul, bad for the diet. I didn’t sleep well this weekend either but I’m hoping the forward motion on the garden will keep me motivated to get things done in the evenings.

Gardening and yard work especially in the heat are great exercise. We made headway on the pool as well. It is blue and starting to get clearer. We definitely have water mold again this year but now we know how to handle it so its all about patience and diligence. I hate that we are already into the high temps of summer and can’t use the pool but I’ll be okay as long as its ready by July 4th which will be cutting it close for sure.

I also need to focus on my house this week. I alternate between the yard getting done and the house getting done. This weekend was definitely a yard weekend so this week I need to focus on getting the house clean! All great exercise but I really need to work on fitting in some exercise on top of that. My husband starts back to school this week so maybe I can incorporate some exercise on days he’s at school. That’s always been the goal but I’ve fallen short on that goal. New season, new focus though. Speaking of, I was diligent about the sunscreen this weekend. If any of you know me, you know I don’t use sunscreen. I tan easily and I tend to LOVE the sun but I have found in recent years that working outside and tanning are two different things. I can TAN by the pool and not get burnt but I can work outside and not think about it and get burnt in a heartbeat. So I broke out the Waterbabies spf 50 this weekend. I’m happy to report: NO BURNS and nice browned shoulders. Thank you very much (RACHEL). So if I can change that habit I can change exercise right? RIGHT? Right.

I’ve got to focus on something or I’ll go insane. I’m torn between giving up for awhile because I’m exhausted of constantly thinking about it or going full fledge to get my mind off the lack of progress in the baby department. Focusing on the weight is getting disheartening. I gained two pounds since last Monday despite all the work and sweating and sore muscles. It seems so unfair. I’ve made so many positive changes, I’m really trying and when I do get more exercise than normal, I gain. I’m stuck in weight and I’m stuck in the reproduction aspects. I’m stuck in a boring job I’m not fond of in a bad economy. I’m trying very hard not to slip into full blown FML depression or apathy. I’m not sure how not to or not to go home and dive into a huge piece of pie and icecream because I’m frustrated with the scales.

When you are on a plateau or fighting a certain three or four pounds for so long, how do you stay motivated?


  1. GOOD GIRL ON THE SUNSCREEN! And I was waiting for you to call me out on that. lol LOVE YOU!

  2. honestly? I struggle with this.

    But I think of how far I came & how much MORE depressing it would be to head back there to the place where clothes don't fit & not only do I feel bad inside, but outside as well. & I don't want that.

    best to you, sweet one.