Monday, June 28, 2010

McFatty monday

Another Monday. Another Weigh in. Let’s just cut to the chase. I didn’t lose. I didn’t gain. Yep, plateaued again right back at that plateau weight. I don’t know what it is about this weight! OMG. I’m going to try and get over this hump with an extra push now that my pool is clean and ready to be used! Woot! Thank goodness for fun exercise!

Even though my back muscles and shoulders are killing me, I think I’m getting more in shape with all the yardwork, gardening etc. I will admit that my eating was not that great this weekend. I was hot, tired, and hungry all weekend. Being back on clomid for this cycle isn’t helping. I’m always hungry when I’m taking these things.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with more rambling drivel about my never ending plateau. I’m pretty sure you are tried of reading about my sucktastic weightloss journey now that its going NO WHERE along with my fertility.

I don’t even like my blog anymore and yet I have no desire to make it better. I’m apathetic towards everything baby related and weight related at the moment. So till next week, have a happy 4th and may you not gain weight eating all that Apple pie!


  1. I'm thinking of you, babe.

    It's a rough time.

  2. Apathetic is a perfect way to describe it! Not five minutes ago I told J that I just wanted to curl up and hide from everything. I'm sorry, love!