Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2WW psychosis 101: aka BUCKIN loses her mind

Now my chart looks more an-ovulatory thanks to the lovely spike. Let’s break it down though. We can disregard this huge spike since I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

If we assume I ovulated on day 14 which is what I’m leaning toward, then the small spike would be perfectly in line with an implantation spike that I have experienced with my BFP’s as would the flat line temps.

We can also keep the large spike today if my temp stays up tomorrow as a normal increase if I were pregnant.

I’m fluctuating between anger and disbelief that I didn’t ovulate and positivity and excitement in the feeling I’m pregnant. (I’m delusional and insane currently…really I am over this.)

Just for funsies my body decided to throw sever low back pains and exhaustion on top of my psychosis. Oh wait, those were early pregnancy symptoms too! See isn’t this FUN?!

The fact that PMS and pregnancy symptoms are so much alike is mother natures asskick to women with IF. (okay anyone who is trying but especially those who try for a long time IF or not).

So that is where I am today. Tired, ill, moody and hoping I really did O and that my temps look good through Saturday for a BFP. (I’m dreaming. I know and am waiting for the inevitable let down and depression). At least I was poetic for a few days and move quickly though right?

I’m like one of those bouncy balls from a 25 cent machine that drive parents insane bouncing out of control. Up, down, rolling around, teasing the cat then freaking her out. Yep that’s me. Are we having fun yet?


  1. i am wishing and hoping for you!

  2. We are twins in our symptoms and our 2ww psychosis.
    I want to test early too so that's really fun holding out on that too.

    I think CD14 is when you ovulated

  3. As always I'm keeping everything crossed for you!

  4. At least I'm not alone Dee. We can share a padded room and pretend its a bouncy house. we'll go coo coo for cocoa puffs together!

  5. I'm an amateur chart stalker... but I totally agree that you O'd on CD 14!

    I'll be crossing everything & thinking sticky baby thoughts for you :)