Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still confused...

but my garden looks fabulous. LOL My hands, wrists, shoulders and back are so sore from venting my frustrations over my cycle. My husband even came in behind me with our new sex Troy Built tiller and fluffed up everything. Then a heavy storm came up...ofcourse. FML. One step forward, two steps back.

I feel like somehow I stepped off the journey of life and onto a treadmill. I can see the future and see how these amazing things but I can never get to them.

It's depressing. I thought I was past this point. I thought since it worked before, it was just a matter of popping pills and having sex this time. I know better but I thought for once maybe I would get a break and only have to worry about sTAYING pregnant, not getting pregnant. How could I have been so stupid? I KNOW BETTER! Yet it still didn't prevent me from thinking and hoping for it.


  1. I have decided that the reason FF won't give you cross hairs is the EWCM that you inputted on CD15. I am still choosing to believe that you did O. I will remain hopeful for you. I am sorry you are feeling down, those days are normal and good for you to vent.

  2. I just put that in this morning to see if it would give me Cross hairs. NOPE. The best I've got is that it was slick feeling but there wasn't enough to really tell the quality of it.