Tuesday, June 1, 2010

McFatty Monday (a day late)

I admit it, I didn’t really watch what I ate this weekend. I took a Holiday Break for a long weekend. I took a Holiday break for a long weekend. Two Things:
1)Even when not consciously dieting I’ve made healthy changes that stuck.
a) was still conscious of my water intake or lack thereof
b) still watched portions
c) when healthier options were available I went for those without thought
d) chocolate chip cookies are and forever will be my weakness
2) I didn’t gain. I didn’t lose but I didn’t gain.

I’m still hovering 4 lbs away from my goal 2 months later. I’ve been on this plateau for 2 MONTHS. Up and down these 3 pounds. What that tells me is I’ve made the changes and lost all I’m going to on those changes alone. Now I’ve got to step up the plate and make additional changes and exercise more. That’s the only way I will drop this weight, but I also know that I CAN take holiday weekends off to enjoy food with friends and family and not undo everything I’ve worked for. It’s nice to know that.

I think a part of me let the fact that my body was in a tumultuous state last month due to the Clomid and Metformin, mess with my head. As in, “I shouldn’t try too hard to diet because the drugs are counteracting that and I can’t lose weight if I get pregnant anyway. Maybe this is my month.” Well, it wasn’t my month, and I wasted a month with that kind of thinking.

I’ve got to give up this constant frame of mind that “this is my month.” Because let’s be honest, its been three years and I’ve only had ONE “this is my month.” I’m not giving up, by any means, but I can’t put my life back on hold because we are trying with drugs again, because it may not work. It may be the next set of drugs or what have you. I can’t keep putting off going further in my weight loss efforts because I’m focusing on the pregnancy efforts. I have to learn to coincide with those because my weight doesn’t end with pregnancy. I still have to manage it very severely and eat well to avoid gestational diabetes and complications. I KNOW this. I’m prepared for this (as much as I can be). There is just a disconnection in my brain with the whole focusing on more than one aspect of my life at a time. I can’t quite get working on Weight AND pregnancy. I can only seem to focus on one at a time and its throwing me off.

This week I'm focusing on reducing the carbs, cutting back on portions a little bit more and exercise.

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  1. You are doing SO well and deserved the break. I'm glad you didn't gain over the holiday! Me on the other hand? Yeah... let's not talk about that. ;)

    I'm proud of you!