Monday, June 7, 2010

McFatty Monday

Do you ever go shopping and buy a few (or several) new things? Do you wake up on a Monday morning not minding the week ahead because you are excited about the new clothes you get to wear? I forgot how good that felt. Two months back I raided my mom’s and sister’s closets looking for smaller clothes. It felt great wearing my “skinny” pants and new (to me) shirts that were fitted & smaller but I have not really been shopping since losing the weight. (minus one dress I bought courtesy of my blog girls gift card for my birthday)..

Armed with birthday money & gift cards (and my husband with a cattle prod as I hate spending money), I finally bought some new clothes. (Oy Vey did I spend the money!) I should do fashion show reminiscent of Blair’s “dress me” posts! LOL I came home with: new dress, black sweater, handkerchief top, hippie top, 3 sets of jewelry to coordinate, 2 pairs of shoes and 5 pair of sassy underwear. Sadly, no bottoms.  I was looking for a brown pair of Capri pants and maybe a black pair, but they didn’t have any I liked. Everything is distressed jeans! UGH!

Last night, I gave myself a fresh mani/pedi. This morning I actually hot rolled my hair. Armed with my new black and white handkerchief top with yellow trim, yellow accessories, black sweater, slim black dress pants and new black leather/cork sandals and smoky eye shadow I trotted into work feeling very sissified and ready to conquer a Monday.

Then it got BETTER! I hopped on the scales and I’m back down to my low weight. (46 lbs down, 1 pounds away from goal). I’ve been fighting 3-4 pounds for awhile now. I finally kicked its butt and I hope this is just the beginning.

If I can keep up the exercise and energy aspect, I think I can easily plow past my goal. I would love to drop another pant size. I’m right on the verge where I can get into them but they give me camel toe. LOL

This weekend was a marathon of shopping with the in-laws while they were in town (we have a lot more/better stores). Saturday night, I ached from all the walking. Yesterday was more shopping and errands, weeding, staking/stringing tomatoes, picking garden, cleaning pool plus household chores. Exhausting! I think being super active though is what lost the weight. It sure wasn’t my spinach lasagna and McDonald’s Milkshake or the Fountain Coke I had!

Sometimes I think we just have to take the time and live. Change it up so your body doesn’t get too comfortable, but keep on. Don’t give up and slip into old routines because what I’ve learned on this extended plateau is even though I’m not losing, I’m maintaining without trying by sticking to simple changes. And that is an accomplishment that has kept me sane.

And BTW Blair, You are definately not the only one that thinks about food all day. I WAKE UP in the morning thinking about lunch and as soon as I'm done eating that, I'm mentally preparing dinner. On days like today, when its Menu Monday on my FOOD blog (hello, thinking about food all the time there), I think about food non stop, all day long. It's normal.


  1. May I just say that you are looking HOT?!?!

  2. You are amazing. & I WANT PICTURES!