Thursday, September 23, 2010

Early onset of Panic

When is it normal for the panic to set in? I feel like I have all the time in the world and milestones can’t get here fast enough. I feel like I should hold off buying anything or even registering till Christmas time (I have a week’s vacation then plus will know the sex.) For some reason though, I am feeling this little bubble of panic. I am RUNNING OUT OF TIME! There is too much to do! Too much to buy! Too much to get! I’m never going to be ready!

On the other hand I have TOO much to do outside of baby, to take the time to do anything FOR baby. I’m in panic mode getting ready for this big party at my house this weekend for my dad’s 60th birthday.

Then I have to throw all my energy into decorating for fall, getting the Halloween party set up. After that I will throw myself into Thanksgiving preperations and the excitement of finding out baby’s sex! Once I do though, I have to worry about getting through Christmas! Sometime in there I may actually need to buy maternity clothes!

All these wonderful things that I have planned to keep my occupied, focused and busy are suddenly drowning me! What switch flipped in my brain when I hit 13 weeks at the first day of fall, that sent me from “keep busy” to “oh crap, I’m screwed”. I was so afraid of focusing on this baby too much and fearing loss that I overbooked myself and now I may have taken away some of that time to not only ENJOY the baby in utero but to Prepare for this baby!

I can do this right? Is this normal to get a hopefully short term flash of panic at the onset of 2nd tri? Does anyone have a spare copy of Baby Bargains? ::breathes into paper bag::


  1. You can do day at a time. I freaked out a couple of weeks ago like you are doing now. DH and I made up a list of all the items we wanted to accomplish. Then we sorted them by HAVE to have done by the time the baby gets here and CAN WAIT. The HAVE TO list is on the fridge and the can wait is in our desk waiting till he finishes the HAVE TO list. I should say that most of the items are things that I can't help with, so I am helping my making meals and cleaning while he works on those projects.

    You will find time to shop for clothes, I just pop into the maternity stores occasionally and grab a few things.

    You can go ahead and register for boy and girl stuff and then once you know the sex just hop online and delete the stuff you don't need. This is what I was going to do, but I ran out of time.

    You will get it all done, as one mom told me our "babies will never know if the nursery was finished or not! Just don't take pictures of that unfinished projects! Really you only need the basics and the rest is grave."

    We will get it all done, somehow!

  2. edit: last word should be~ gravy