Thursday, September 2, 2010

HLB's Crib Yo (Recovered document YAY!)

My husband is obsessed with cribs. OBSESSED. He originally wanted this little cherry convertible number from BRU that had a detachable changing tray that becomes a side table. It progressed to looking at one in espresso and moved on from there.

At this point, I believe he has looked at every crib made by man in the past two years. We are limited by budget but also our desires. We are now leaning towards a convertible crib with a matching dresser that may or may not have a built in changing area on top of the dresser. Prefer black but cherry and maybe espresso are contenders. Beyond that, I pretty much have no say in the crib (at least that is what he thinks). Oh, he shows me the ones he likes and if I hate it, it’s a firm NO and he moves on but the ones he really loves (which are usually OKAY for me) he marks. I’m a stickler on price and I think that will be my ultimate downfall.

My darling husband, who has multiple holes in his pocket, and can’t save money at all, has been saving money behind my back. (We have a joint account and joint savings but he always takes money out before depositing the check for food/drinks/ incidentals as he travels daily to job sites.) I never know how much he keeps because he will work overtime here and there but he is consistent on the amount he deposits and keeps whatever is above that amount. In the short time we have known we are pregnant (so less than 7 weeks) he has managed to squirrel away $530 bucks from basically his LUNCH money. A) I’m extremely impressed at his commitment to buying the crib and dresser on his own. B) I’m starting to think I should see how much his checks are because he is obviously keeping way too much money –no wonder he’s gained so much weight! LOL (I kid, I kid, I’m not THAT controlling).

However, I have a feeling since he’s worked so hard to save this money (and skipped meals to do so) that if he falls in love with a crib, I’m going to have to live with it. I have mixed feelings on this. A) It’s my kid too, I should get some choice damn it B) Our tastes are actually pretty comparable when it comes to baby stuff so even if its not my favorite choice, I’m sure I will be okay with it C) He is so excited and into this one part of it that I kind of don’t want to take that from him. He is ADAMANT that we are buying the crib and that it will be a convertible so the furniture will be FROM us and GO WITH our child. I totally understand that sentiment. He is working so hard at the research (literally daily), the pricing, the saving, etc. that part of me wants it to be HIS thing. “Daddy picked out your furniture especially for you.”

So many guys are not into the baby thing, the nursery stuff etc. Even the infertility issues, I hear stories where the guy just doesn’t want to know. DH was blah about the fertility. He went to the appointments and wanted the info from the HSG etc. He stayed with me through the pain of miscarriage and sat at the hospital during the D&C. He would check my cervix when I asked (that whole long finger thing) and always perform on command. He even occasionally wanted to know what my chart looked like and where we were. He always made sure I took my meds. Now that we are pregnant? Whole new story. He is INTO IT man.

He researches STUFF and makes lists of things he likes and what he wants. HE talks about it all with me. He makes me chicken soup when I’m pukey and grudgingly changes the cat litter. He rubs my belly in the mornings when he wakes me up and tells all his coworkers the crazy things I do (like sit up at 2am and turn the light on, waking him up and saying everything is fine and falling right back asleep which I don’t really remember doing.) I just feel like I should let him have this furniture thing. I know he will take my preferences into consideration but if it comes down to a few choices and he really likes one and I’m just okay about it, I think I may give in. What do you think? Would you feel the same way or would you want to be involved in every little detail? (and have no fear, the bedding and paint and decorations will totally be my choice but so far he has agreed with me on all the girl bedding, we are at a bit of a standoff on the boy bedding though.) Maybe I can negotiate the boy bedding better if I give in on the furniture choice. LOL

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  1. Wow, how sweet is your DH!! I love it that he is so passionate about the furniture. I think that you need to at least like the furniture as you will be looking at it too! Sounds like your DH is going to send this LO off to college with that furniture so it might be better to invest a little more money in it on the front end. What happened to your artsy fruit posts, I was enjoying them!! 10 weeks congrats!