Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PCOS Symptoms During Pregnancy

Let’s dispel another pesky myth the doctor’s tell you: PCOS symptoms lessen during pregnancy. BRRRRUUURRRRRNNNNNTTTTT (my best guess of spelling that annoying buzzer sound).

The only PCOS symptom that has “disappeared” for me is the crazy non regular periods with heavy clotting and cramps. Well DUH, I’m pregnant; I would HOPE that had disappeared. What they FAIL to tell you is that all those other symptoms that are taboo to discuss increase.

Oh yes, my dears, if you think you had some stray eyebrow hairs before (aka on your chin), be prepared for a full on BEARD during pregnancy. That delicate mustache you insist on calling peach fuzz? You can now give Yosemite Sam a run for his money.

Now I, personally, have always had extra thick hair and great nails and pregnancy has definitely enhanced those traits. My nails are gorgeous, my hair is lustrous and growing long and my skin, while a bit oilier, is actually clear for the most part.

Did I mention I now have to tweeze my boobs though? Go ahead, reread. I’ll wait.

Done? Okay. I have a feeling; it won’t be too long before I have to shave my stomach. (and you thought the boob statement was going to be the worst! HA). There is now hair growing on every inch of my body I think. Shaving the ladybits has become a lesson in HEDGE trimming and sapling sawing. If it was a forest before, it’s a jungle now and frankly I’m too darned lazy to care a whole heck of a lot.

Plan on shaving those legs every day too. I used to be able to get away with every other day but that went out the window about 3 weeks ago.

Needless to say, while you are struggling to eat healthy, trying to stay awake, keep your balance and not look like a frumpy ragamuffin everyday, you also get the extra bonus of looking like a sasquatch! I’m not complaining, I just don’t want you all to be disillusioned about what lies ahead.

My darling husband has been kind enough to offer to teach me to shave my face on numerous occasions as I hog the bathroom mirror EVERY night hunting those chin hairs and using wax strips. Not helping darling.


  1. Seriously!? The hair part drives me BATTY. I'm already an infertile, you needed to add a rouge neck hair to the mix!? Tisk tisk tisk.

  2. I have to tweeze boob hairs too.
    Don't shave your stomach though! It will grow back thicker, a few months pp and the hair will go away just fine, but not if you shave it.