Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Power of Hormones and Dreams

Why is it that, as women, whatever happens in our dreams we carry over to real life, particularly if it’s bad? Dreams, especially when pregnant, can be so vividly real that it is hard to distinguish between the dream world and real life even upon waking. When you get that vivid dream early in the morning, right before the alarm goes off, and are startled into wakefulness, there is a distinct disorientation that takes place.

In my house, when this happens, my husband usually gets the blunt end of the stick figuratively speaking. No matter what happens, he is always the reason for my wrath or pain in my dreams, and my victim during those first waking moments. He takes the blame with humor and grace though. I give him that.

This morning’s dream? He came home late at night with a friend from school (in an old beater car) and reeked of marijuana. I was FURIOUS. My home is a drug free zone. We are drug free people. The one area I have always been a goody two shoes is drugs. I have honestly never touched the stuff, not even a second hand whiff. I have no desire to. My husband’s past, before me, a little sketchy in that area, but as I said, that was BEFORE I ever came into the picture.

I have three rules: No cheating, No lying, and No drugs. Those are end all breaking points in my book and I’ve never worried about any of them with him. Not once in 6 years have I even come close to thinking he would break my trust or those rules. These are sacred trusts to me. I’ve been burned by all three in past relationships. Putting your life unknowingly in the hands of a driver who unbeknownst to you is high as a kite on cocaine is not an experience I ever want to repeat.

So in my grogginess this morning, while my husband was cuddled up to me, rubbing my stomach trying to wake me up, I was pretty irrational at first. Fortunately, I was too tired to do more than mumble at him that he was smoking pot and I was furious.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this (pregnant or not) and won’t be the last. No matter how many times it happens though, he always asks the question of WHY he gets blamed for everything that happens in MY dreams. LOL

That’s completely not true darling. I NEVER blame you when I’m having a good ROMP with Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson or Jensen Ackles. 

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