Thursday, September 30, 2010

Old Wive's Tale Tracking

Let’s start keeping track of the old wives’ tales to see the accuracy shall we? After all it is only about 6 weeks from our anatomy scan. (Holy crap, time is flying!).

Pin Trick –says girl.

Heart Rate- says girl.

Carrying Low- Says girl (though my northern friend swears that means boy.)

Chinese Gender Calendar- says boy.

Craving Sweets-Girl (although my sweets craving isn’t that strong. I definitely am NOT craving salty or spicy foods though which denote boy).

Have another Old Wives Tale gender predictor? Let me have it and I’ll try it for the fun of it. (No Intelligender suggestions please. I’m too cheap to spend money on silly fun.)


  1. I say girl too. I have no reason, I'm just guessing. I can't wait until you know!!

  2. The necklace thing! I can't remember exactly how to do it. Another person has to hold it (should be necklace you wear i think), they hold it over your palm and either it swings round or back/forth. For girl/boy --- maybe someone on BOTB can remember the specifics... but it was right on for me and at least 3 other girls I know! :)

  3. What if I buy the intelligender for you? ;)

  4. Put your wedding rings on a thread or piece of hair and have your husband hold it over your belly while you are lying down. If it swings in a circle you are having a girl, if it swings back and forth like a swing it's a boy! Can't wait to hear what it says! 6 weeks till u/s! WOOT WOOT!