Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bathtime=Boyhood and Booboos

I’m conflicted. I noticed bruises on my baby last night. Slightly purple spots around the knees, a scratch on the shin. Marks of a rambunctious body struggling to stand, fall, crawling to keep the pace…rushing into boyhood with exuberance.
As he splashed happily with those squeals and gurgles that still sound so infantile, it was hard to reconcile those sounds with the bruised knees and shins. How can my baby be showing signs and marks of boyhood already? He’s existing in limbo between sweet infant and no holds barred toddler poised to leap and leave babyhood behind, embracing boyhood wonder.
Soon it won’t be raspberries and face pats. It will be head-butts and Tonka trucks across my toes. I’m looking forward to digging in the dirt, dogs and toddler romping, little red wagons, and tricycles. I’m already missing the new baby smell, the quiet moments of breastfeeding; milk drenched gummy grins, and naps on my chest.
I never realized till I had one of my own how fast this transformation happens. (Kind of understand why the Duggars stay pregnant!) I look back at pictures taken just a few short months ago; when weather was warming to spring and temperatures were not unlike they are now. It’s hard to remember him that small. He has grown so fast and is such a joy, conquering each new thing with confidence, its hard to remember when he couldn’t sit up or say mama.
But oh to have one more chance to hold him so small and wallow in his newness. There are never enough memories. Never enough time to relish and hold onto those moments before they are gone.

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